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Ep 78 TT – Giving Meaning to Unhappiness

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It’s Transformational Thursday (TT)!


As promised, I’m delivering more personal tips this season as we approach creating more joy in life, work, and love.

Today’s tip comes from Victor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, and renowned psychiatrist and founder of Logotherapy.

I was first introduced to Dr. Frankl by a colleague when I was still practicing psychotherapy. I devoured his book in a day and was touched and inspired by not only his story, but his approach to life.

Surviving the Holocaust changed him.  His account is both chilling and tear-jerking begging you to give more perspective to your life in a way that’s both humble and direct.

Today, we’re teasing apart two aspects of his work – the way in which we judge our unhappiness and how we give meaning to our suffering.

To be joyful doesn’t mean we get to bypass periods of unhappiness.  Unhappiness is a part of life.  It shows up in grief and grief shows up more often than we think.

But the way we choose to give meaning to our unhappiness makes all the difference in allowing us to still hold space for joy.

Tune in and let me know in the comments how this episode hit you.

As always, please share it with someone you know who may be going through a period of unhappiness.  I’d love to offer some gentle perspective that could offer more ease.


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