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Ep 77 MM – My Path is Divinely Guided

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It’s our first Motivational Monday and I’m so excited to be sharing our mantra with you today!

When I first started using mantras, I noticed an immediate shift in the way I felt in my body. I felt a sense of peace and power as I breathed deeply into my intentional words and for a brief moment, the light I had been craving came flooding in.

Then, the heaviness returned rather quickly. The mind works like that – always reverting to its old patterns until we create a new normal.

BUT, just that one taste of peace was enough for me to continue using mantras to shift my life and the way I experience my inner thoughts.

Now, I pay mindful attention to the words that float around in my brain. If my mood feels off, it’s usually related to negative thoughts that I’ve mindlessly allowed to be on repeat.

That’s why mantras are so effective for me. They bring my mindfulness back front and center bringing a level of intention to the way in which I’m speaking to myself and thinking about my life.

Over time, some mantras have become life mottos. Whenever I feel lost or uncertain, overwhelmed or insecure, mantras help bring me back to my power and back to my peace.

I hope they have the same effect for you!

In today’s episode, I introduce one of my favorite mantras of all – My Path is Divinely Guided.

This mantra, in particular, invokes a sense of surrender and peace for me by reminding me that wherever I am, I am never alone, wherever I am, I am here for a purpose, wherever I am, I have the Divine on my side.

I’ve found these words incredibly comforting when the fear of the future becomes overwhelming, the need to know “the plan” seems to create anxiety, or when I’m not sure what direction to take for my life or business.

Knowing my life is divinely guided is so reassuring.

To grab the audio recording of this mantra, make sure you download Volume 1 Mantras below!

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  • Sheila Hutto October 1, 2016, 7:13 pm

    As a person so thinketh, so is he… an old saying but so true. What we put in our head and surround ourself with has a huge influence on us. Garbage in, garbage out and likewise the opposite. It is indeed a comforting mantra being devinely guided or we would all be lost.

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