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Ep 76 – What’s New in Season 2

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We’re rocking and rolling in Season 2 and with a slight shift in focus and a gorgeous expansion in topics, I can’t wait to host a whole new line up of guests AND a brand new framework for us moving forward.


In this short episode, I go into what you can expect for this season and I introduce Motivational Mondays and Transformational Thursdays, our new format for Season 2.


Motivational Mondays (MM) will be comprised of a new mantra each Monday to start our weeks off right.  Each Mantra will be recited together on the podcast to help build community and practice setting intentions, increasing our emotional wellbeing, and deepening into our manifesting power.

I’ve created a beautiful FREE download for you available throughout the whole season, which you can find in the show notes of each episode.

The download contains ALL the mantras of Season 2 plus an audio recording for each one so you’ll never be alone practicing your mantras.  I’ll be there to help hold space and intention for you as you deepen into your own practice.

In iTunes and Stitcher, each Motivational Monday episode will be denoted with an “MM” in the title!

Transformational Thursdays (TT) will be our educational segment where I’ll be sharing my top tools for creating more joy in life, work, and love.  Thursdays will also be our guest spots where I’ll be inviting a whole variety of experts to shine light on a broad spectrum of topics that help us increase our joy.

We’ll be talking to life coaches, nutrition and wellness experts, mindfulness and meditation teachers, yoga instructors, authors, singers, businessmen and businesswomen, relationship experts, spiritual teachers and guides, intuitive coaches, therapists, and so much more!


In iTunes and Stitcher, each Transformational Thursday episode will be denotes with a “TT” in the title!

I’m so excited about our season, I can hardly contain myself.


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I’ll see you on Season 2.  I can’t wait to see you there <3

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