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Ep 151: Where We Go From Here

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I’m baaaaaa-aaaaackkk!  Well, not really!  But I am LIVE on iTunes today with our next conversation, Wild & Holy Radio!

Not only is it is my 34th birthday today, but I’m also ushering in this new podcast, which is UNLIKE anything you’ve ever heard!

Wild & Holy Radio picks up right where we left off on The Enoughness Revolution and goes one layer deeper exploring worthiness through the lens of Divinity and already I’m getting some RAVE reviews.  (Make sure you check out Ep. 3 for some of the best stuff yet <3)

I wanted to make sure I personally invited you to join me in this new conversation because our time together is far from done!  In fact, we’re just getting started!!

Here’s how you can help!  

First of all, join me on Wild and Holy Radio right here.  We’re live on iTunes TODAY and I could think of no better way to celebrate my next year of life than starting this new journey at the same time!

Second, download the episodes and leave a quick review.  It’ll take all of 5 seconds, but is SO helpful in helping me reach other spiritual seekers who are passionate about living their truth and creating a life that honors their soul.  I walk you through this super duper simple process here:

And after that, I thank YOU!  Your support in this is the BEST birthday present EVER!  I thank you for being with me on this journey, for supporting Wild & Holy Radio and this new conversation, and for being a soul seeker who is just as passionate as I am about being their fullest expression.

I’ll see you over there!

With Love, 

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