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Ep 146 TT: Steena Marie on Sexuality and Spirituality

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It’s Transformational Thursday, friends and today’s episode is actually part of a full Pleasure Series I’m putting together this summer, but this interview shook so much loose for me that I wanted to go ahead and release it NOW and give it a re-release this summer when the full series is ready.

Today’s conversation may bring a lot to the surface for you. It surely did for me! I was blown away by the aha’s and connections that were made into today’s interview and I hope it has just as powerful effect for you.

Today’s guest is the lovely Steena Marie, Spiritual Channel and High Priestess Healer, who is a mystical woman on a mission to unleash women from the overwhelm of religious dogma, sexual shame, and past emotional baggage to resurrect their divine pelvic power and connection to Spirit so they can harness the full potential of their orgasmic, divine feminine power and healing gifts in their lives, relationships, and work. Her unique blend of emotional alchemy, energy healing, embodiment, psychic channeling, and soul work create a sacred space for her clients to shift out of victimhood, TURN ON their inner High Priestess and reign in their glory.

Steena’s journey from good-little-girl to embodied, pleasure-filled High Priestess required a deep release of fear, shame, perfectionism, and self-sabotage patterns that allowed her to radically own her power and truth. She was done begging external authorities and religious institutions to validate her healing gifts and purpose when she decided to go all in and rise into her calling as a deeply intuitive, Jesus-loving, mystical leader. On her healing path through motherhood, marriage, and entrepreneurship Steena has learned the art of sacred, aligned, sexy success on her own terms which she now teaches in her own work.

I am so excited to dive even deeper into this intersection between spirituality and sexuality and find more freedom here! More on that to come!

If you’re ready to get a taste of Steena’s work, check out her free 5 Day Divine Program
Shift out of self-sabotage and doubting your divine gifts to fully owning your ability to manifest everything from magical clients to a mind blowing night with your lover. This is a full immersion, no fluff, practical walk through the exact tools I’ve used in my life and teach my clients to release the baggage holding them back so they can wield their creative feminine power – guilt free!

Additionally, you can connect with Steena on social here:

Until then, have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you in a few days for another Motivational Monday!

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