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Ep 142 TT: The Most Powerful Cognitive Tool That Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

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It’s Transformational Thursday, friends and what better way to kick the day off than by sharing one of the most powerful cognitive tools I’ve found to put me in charge of how I’m perceiving the world.

P.S.  You’ll get the most out of this episode if you actually sit down and do this activity.

The more familiar you get with it, the more you can do it in your head, but for the first time, I think writing it out is super helpful.

So for all you runners out there or commuters, make sure you take some time when you get to a seated position to dive in even deeper.

I can’t even tell you what this tool has done for my life!  When I say it’s life changing, I’m being completely serious.

How many times have you felt victim to your emotions?  How many times have you felt stuck or insecure or that things aren’t going your way?

We’re busting the lid off that today and putting you back in the driver’s seat!

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Get ready, girlfriend.  We’re going in <3

Have an amazing weekend and some BIG announcements are happening soon.  Stay tuned and have a phenomenal, soulful, powerful weekend!


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