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Ep 141 MM: The Power of Pilgrimage for Perspective

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Happy Monday, friends!  Right this very moment, I’m packing up the car getting ready to head back down south to San Antonio from Wichita Falls, the place I called home for 3 1/2 years and it’s been since 2015 that I’ve been back.


I’ve hardly talked about the fact that I’m a military spouse and the dynamic layer this has added to my life the past 8 years.  There have been 3 moves in 5 years and every time we pack up and start over, I leave a piece of my heart behind.  It’s been so good to be back visiting friends and the trip as a whole has been such a beautiful reflection.

How often do you take the time to reflect on how much you’ve grown, how much you’ve accomplished, how much has changed in the past few years?  And how easy is it for us to lose sight of the person we’ve become since we left a certain chapter of our lives?

We are always in a state of becoming and unbecoming.  I know this to be true.  And as I was in my old town that held so much growth for me, it reminded me of the power of pilgrimage.

The concept of Pilgrimage first came up on my radar reading Rochelle Schieck’s book, Qoya, which you can download the first chapter for FREE here.  In the book, it talks about going back to the place in which you were born and honoring all the steps and turns that have happened since really practicing reverence for your life path.

This is what this trip has been like for me.  I went by my old office that housed my first business.  I went back to my old workplace where I was an intern.  I visited so many friends and drove down streets I must have driven down thousands of times when I lived here.  I found myself walking the aisles of our old grocery store that was minutes from our house and it all felt so incredibly normal except everything was different.  I was different.  I am different.

I’ve become a mother since I left this chapter of my life.  I’ve closed a brick and mortar business and started a virtual one.  I’ve coached hundreds of people since then and led 5 group programs.  I’ve started a podcast and grown it to what it is today.  I’ve bought a house and deepened my marriage.  I’ve maintained every single friendship I began in this place.  My energy is different – calmer, stronger, grounded, and truer.

I know myself better than I ever have and know my values and beliefs more intimately.  I have a vision for my life and the impact I want to make that has more clarity than ever before.  Yet, this place grew me.  I remember feeling so lost and discontent here wanting so badly to be further than I was and frustrated that I wasn’t.  I remember being depressed for our first year having just left a beautiful chapter of my life in Charleston.

I remember hating being away from the ocean and beautiful scenery I had grown accustomed to.  It was hard, but I dug in and what started off being a difficult, trying time turned into one of the most progressive chapters of my life when it comes to personal development.

I learned how to be content here, how to be happy within myself, how to keep things in perspective and feel my feelings.  I did inner child work and healed some things and realized I was chasing after becoming someone more because I didn’t believe I was enough.

So many things took root here and blossomed into beauty I couldn’t have seen coming.  I surrendered.  I prayed to God for the first time in years.  I handed things over to something higher than myself.  I worked on trust and faith and forgiveness.

It’s amazing to think of all this place held for me and how much those things have continued to grow since then.  It’s been 2 short years since this place was home and being back here has been such a beautiful reflection of the home I built within me.

When’s the last time you’ve gone back and visited an old chapter of your life?  Driven by a previous home?  Gone by a previous workplace?  Made your own pilgrimage and reflected on how much you’ve grown since then?

It’s such a powerful way for practicing reverence for who you’ve become, who you used to be, and the person you’re still becoming.

So, as I hit the road to head back to my new home, I’m grateful.  For all the people who entered my life and are still gratefully in it, for all the trials and tribulations and inner work that led to some beautiful places, for the opportunity to learn so much and grow so much in a far away place that was so different from the home I was used to but became a home I’ll always cherish as a powerful, progressive, personally satisfying chapter of my life.

I’ll see you in a few days for Transformational Thursday!

And tell me in the comments about a recent pilgrimage you’ve had.  Did it offer you any reflection?  Does this episode inspire you to make a pilgrimage of your own?

Talk soon <3

P.S.  Thank you so much for all of you who helped spread the word for Wild and Holy Weekend!  We are officially SOLD OUT!!  So grateful.  So excited.  So ready to lead this transformative weekend!  Thank you <3

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