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Ep 140 TT: Christine McAlister

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It’s Transformational Thursday, y’all and before we get into our next guest, who won my heart at first chat, I wanted to open up the door for 2 more lovely souls to join me at Wild and Holy Weekend.  There are still 2 spots remaining for the woman who is ready to reclaim her real truths, release her non-truths, and be her full expression in the world.

The weekend I have planned for you is magical and transformational.  Not only will you be spending time getting out of your head and into you heart while deep in the heart of TX, but you’ll also be surrounded by amazingly soulful and heart centered women ready to hold you and see you for the strong, beautiful, capable, and deserving [of all the goodness the world has to offer] woman you are!

More details can be found here.  I can’t wait to welcome you to TX!  


Now… back to regularly scheduled programming.


When our next guest first reached out to me to share her story of loss and resiliency, I was touched and inspired to share space with her to hear how she turned life’s greatest heartbreak into something beautiful.

Today, you’re meeting Christine McAlister who has transmuted the tragedy of losing her daughter into triumph and bringing others along with her.

An experienced mentor and entrepreneur, Christine McAlister carries the memory and legacy of her daughter forward to motivate and inspire other women to use their unique gifts AND challenges to create and lead the businesses and lives of their dreams.

Christine’s authenticity and background has inspired thousands around the world.  Described most often as “genuine”, her energetic and relatable style has earned her thousands of loyal fans.

An award-winning PBS documentarian, a 3-time Olympic Games freelancer, and founder of 2 6-figure businesses & a non-profit, her experience with telling compelling stories makes her a remarkable speaker and guest expert.


In this episode, Christine guides you to more joy by:


1.  Learning to be present, however you can. This makes all the difference.
2.  Journaling your gratitudes, successes and triggers to celebrate and learn from them
3.  Taking at least a full day off every week–you’ll return to your work with renewed energy and joy.
I’ll see you in a few days for another Motivational Monday.  Until then, have a magical, powerful, soulful weekend!  I believe in you <3

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