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Ep 138 TT: Behind the Scenes of the Podcast + Motherhood

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It’s Transformational Thursday, Sisters and I could think of no better way to approach today’s transformation than by speaking of my own.

Today, Brax turns 11 months, which means we’re just shy of a year. A year of huge transition and change and some deep lessons on being flexible and opening myself to receive.

Wow! So much came up for me during today’s episode. I simply want to start with a big “thank you” for being along this journey with me, for trusting me to hold space for you and the people you love, for continuing to share the podcast and bring others into our community.

Did you know we’re adding 500 new subscribers every single month? That’s because of you!

In today’s episode, I talk about my biggest lessons I’ve learned this year and how they’ve showed up in my personal and professional life.

They’re good ones!

And as a friendly reminder, there are only 4 spots left at Wild and Holy Weekend and the price goes up on Monday. If this has been calling to you, the time is now to buy your ticket!

All details can be found here.


Have a magical, powerful, beautiful weekend, Sister! Sending you so much love for the path you’re actively co-creating with the Divine!

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