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Ep 137 MM: How to Not Lose Yourself in Relationships

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I’m fresh back from my first weekend away from my son since he was born and I’m happy to report that everything was GREAT!  Sure, it was a pain to drag the breast pump along, but it was great for all involved to have some time away and to switch things up.  And there’s always a first for everything.

This weekend offered me some powerful reflection for how easy it is to lose pieces of ourselves in our relationships even when they’re well meaning and healthy.  It was a big aha for me to notice how I’d let one tiny little facet of myself go over the past few years and I came home knowing I wanted to reclaim that for myself.  So, I’m passing on this wisdom to you because if there’s one thing I know, the one place it’s easiest to lose ourselves, it’s in our relationships.

And it starts with small things, like picking up certain mannerisms from the people we surround ourselves with to big things like trading in our dreams to for other dreams that better fit with our life partner.

Today, I’m sharing how we maintain our sense of self in our relationships with some reflective activities for you. 

And I’m also making a BIG announcement!  

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If you’re feeling called to reclaim pieces of who you are and release the things that are insulting your soul, I really want you to join me!!

Wild and Holy [inaugural] Weekend is going to be magical, powerful, and soulful.  

Come join me for a weekend away sure to reconnect you with who you are and how to express that boldly in the world.

I can’t wait to welcome you to TX.  

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I’ll see you on Thursday for another Transformational episode, but tell me a small facet you’re going to pull out of the closet and try back on this week.  Put it in the comments so I can check back in with you and see how it goes!

Have a magical start to your week, Sister!  Believing in you always <3

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