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Ep 134 TT: Hearing Our Truth Over the Noise and Our Self-Doubt

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It’s Transformational Thursday, Sisters and after a heavy episode on Monday, I’ve had a bit of a vulnerability hangover and have been sitting with why I felt we needed to go there.  But as I was preparing for today’s episode, it hit me.  Ahhhh, we had to go there on Monday so we could go here today.

So on today’s episode, I’m bringing it back to why we do this work- so we can learn to hear our truth over all the noise that’s out there in the world and over the self-doubt our insecurities create for us.

In this episode, we’re diving into the nature of our soul and how it speaks to us, how we reclaim the truth that lives within us, how we reclaim our wildness by leaning into trust and faith, and how we release the non-truths to live by our real truths!

This is a good one!

Mentioned in this episode:

  • How we learn to overcome the battle between who our ego thinks we need to be and who our soul knows we’re capable of being.
  • How we battle back against our self-doubt by using the gift of contrast.
  • How we align ourselves with our wildness by shifting our mindset and deepening into allowing vs. control.
  • Learning to be a WILD VINE and trust the process.
  • How we shift our view of God to seek more self-compassion.
  • How we use self-compassion to hear the voice of our soul.
  • Releasing the non-truths through burning rituals and physically shaking them out and return them to the Earth.

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I’ll see you in a few days for another Motivational Monday.  Have a beautiful, wild, and holy weekend <3

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