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Ep 128 TT: John Kim

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Today’s episode is a full circle moment for me as I’m interviewing one of my earliest influencers who inspired me to take the leap from psychotherapy to coaching.


You may have heard of him if you’ve been around the online personal development world long enough or you may have seen him on one of my favorite online publications, Mind Body Green, sharing his wisdom on how we create a more meaningful life.

Yet, if you happen to just now be making John Kim’s acquaintance, you’ll never look at self-help the same way again.

I was first attracted to John’s honest approach in sharing of the human experience and then even further admired his vulnerability and natural way of destigmatizing personal growth.  After reading several of his posts full of no holds bar manifestos and no bullshit tips and tools to create a better life, he quickly became a guy to watch and follow.  It’s no wonder he served as one of the catalysts for me to make the big leap into coaching.


Today, John runs not only a thriving coaching practice, but has ignited a movement to change the way we change.

From online group communities to launching a team of other change catalysts, John is at the helm to change the conversation around personal growth.

What first began as a Tumblr blog with an initial post titled “My Fucking Feelings”, John, The Angry Therapist, quickly became a source of inspiration to thousands of raving fans.  He’s gone on to launch a podcast, Asking for a Friend, which climbed the charts to #78 on iTunes and is on the precipice of releasing his first book titled The Angry Therapist, A No BS Guide to Finding and Living Your Own Truth, which is available for pre-order now.


It today’s episode, you’ll hear:

  • what inspired John to pioneer the online life coaching movement seven years ago
  • why redefining love is so important
  • how we create new containers for more joy

John is a guy to follow.  The end.  Run, don’t walk to follow him on his social platforms.

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