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Ep 127 MM: Reflective Self Care

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Meditation for Beginners | The Enoughness Revolution | Megan Hale

Hi, You!!!!  I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve been writing you from my desk!  The past few weeks have been amazing in so many ways and this ambivert is SO grateful for some introverted time and the fact that it’s Monday!


In today’s episode, I talk about how easy it is to get disconnected from your sense of self, how we re-establish reconnection, the importance of reflective self-care, plus a short and sweet meditation to help reconnect with yourself if you’ve been feeling a bit off.

You’ll also hear my undying love for This Is Us!  Seriously, if you aren’t watching this show… RUN, don’t walk to your HULU account and start streaming IMMEDIATELY!

Ahhh, this episode feels so good to be getting back into my groove and re-balancing my values.

Ever feel like you lose your mojo or get out of your groove?  This episode is for you <3

See you in a few days!



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