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Ep 124 TT: Malaine Lea

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One of my top 5 favorite episodes, we’re going all the way in when it comes to spirituality, owning your truth, and setting yourself up for JOY, JOY, and more JOY!

I’m joined by the beautiful soul that is Malaine Lea today as we talk all things spiritual journey and living a rich life.

Malaine Lea is the owner of Malaine Lea Inc., Lifestyle Architect and Spiritual Guide. As a woman of faith and spirituality Malaine has dedicated her life’s work to creating a world in which individuals’ connection to the Divine allows us each to accept healing, compassion and love of self in order to recognize our one-ness with each other and radically increase peace and love in the world.  Hence her programs, Divine Rich; because THAT type of world is nothing but abundant!


How does she do that?  Well really, you do it with her!  She co-creates with every person she encounters, every stranger, every friend.  And should you become a client, she will work with you uniquely to guide you in connecting with your higher power and surrendering into the flow and deliciousness of life in order to shine your light, speak your truth and own your own magic.  This means stronger relationships, successful businesses, and of course, more money!


Through her own experience, strength and hope along with her studies in transformation workshops, energy work, spiritual work and professional experience, she has cultivated earth shattering, life changing formulas to help people truly MASTER THEIR LIVES.

As I mentioned in this episode, Malaine is putting together her next amazing online event called Money Revolution.

To get in on all the details, connect with her here.  

Money Revolution | Malaine Lea | The Enoughness Revolution | Megan Hale


In this episode, we talk about these top 3 tips for creating more JOY:

  1.  Never take anything personal, its not about you and when you make it about you…you miss the point. 
  2. Always lean into faith and God, trusting the universe has your back!
  3. Constantly ask the question: will this empower me and bring me joy?

Join us for a delightful conversation you do NOT want to miss!  Have an amazing weekend, sister!

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