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Ep 123 MM: The Law of Expansion + Gratitude

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I’m less than three days removed from a life changing experience that was Practical Magic Live, a 2-day event for women’s leadership hosted by Makenna Johnston.  I spent some amazing time with people I love, people I admire, and people I’d never met and I had one of the most beautiful breakthroughs of my life.

I’m so grateful to be in Charleston this week as I let all these beautiful aha’s integrate, but one of these aha’s is just so evidently clear, I’m sharing it with you today!  I’m calling it the Law of Expansion, which is apparently a thing.  I just looked it up and found some great words of wisdom by John Maxwell.  Check that out here!    Great minds think alike 🙂  It’s not exactly my perspective, but we’ll dive deeper into this on future episodes.

Join me for my first few thoughts on Practical Magic Live and a beautiful meditation on gratitude. 

To check out Infinite Receiving as I mentioned on the episode, find all the details about this 90 day program hosted by the lovely Maru Iabichela HERE!  It starts today so if this feels like a HELL YES, jump on it, sister!

I’ll see you for an amazing interview on Thursday, which you do NOT want to miss! It’s most definitely one of my top 5 interviews of all time!  YES… be there, girlfriend!  

Have a beautiful start to your week and remember, your inner work is changing the planet!  It’s that important and you are THAT powerful <3


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