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Ep 122 TT: The More of the Soul and The More of the Ego

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Every once in awhile, you have things that come full circle when you have to take pause and wonder how different things would be if you hadn’t honored that calling in your soul.

This week was one of those weeks as I interviewed someone who inspired me to take the leap from counseling to coaching.

As I wrapped up our interview, I reflected on all the time I’d honored the “more” of my ego over the “more” of my soul and how each had led me in such different directions.

I don’t believe there’s ever such thing as a “wrong path”. I think we always end up right where we belong to learn what we need to learn and have the impact we’re here to make.

I don’t regret one single step of my journey (well maybe that 7th grade school picture) because they’ve all led me here – pursuing work that I love with a man that I love with friends whom I love with a soul that I love. And every single step has had a purpose in helping me create it.

Yet, I wanted to dive into the difference between the “more” of the soul and the “more” of the ego because I know it can lead to either soul soaring fulfillment or us feeling like there’s still a lot to be desired.

Some questions for you to ponder this week:

  • Is your soul telling you there’s something more?
  • In your relationships? In your work? In your life for your own healing?
  • Is your ego giving you a “safety plan”?
  • How is that safety plan keeping you small?

Our soul doesn’t care about “the how” because it has complete and utter faith that all things will orchestrate in your favor. Do you have that kind of faith?  I challenge myself to grow here every single day.  

If you’re ready to challenge yourself and deepen your faith, let’s build that courage together. I’m opening my calendar for a few 1:1 clients who are ready to honor that “more” of their soul and cultivate the courage they need to follow it! You can find more info on my work with me page and fill out an application. I can’t wait to see what your soul is wanting for you and to help you honor it with one giant leap of faith!

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