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Ep 116 TT: Veronica Grant

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We’re back again with a special episode all about learning to date yourself and it feels so good to be talking about this topic!

As a military spouse, I’ve spent a great deal of time alone so learning how to date myself has been an integral part of helping keep my marriage healthy while also staying connected to my own sense of self.

But, even before I got married, I loved to take myself out to dinner and to movies simply because.  My dating life has expanded dramatically since then to include all kinds of activities and sweet nothings to make me feel good, which is why I was so excited to hear from our guest today about some of the things she recommends to deepen this even more!

Today, I’m speaking to Veronica Grant, a Dating Mindset Coach, host of Date Yourself Radio, and creator of the Dating Mindset Bootcamp. She helps smart, savvy women attract the right relationship to them.

On the surface, Veronica helps women enjoy the process of dating + meet higher quality men. But what she REALLY does is teach women how to treat themselves the way they want to be treated.

When she’s not writing about herself in third person, you can find her indulging in (probably) too much HGTV, planning her next adventure, or spending quality time with her fiance + puppy. To learn more, and join the next free Date Yourself Challenge, head over to

Veronica is also sharing her top 3 tips for creating more joy:

1. Have lots of white space in your calendar
2. Create a morning routine you love

3. If it doesn’t feel right, you’re probably right

You can find her on social here:


And don’t forget to grab her freebie: 37 Ways to Date Yourself
and sign up for her free Date Yourself Challenge HERE! 

See you in a few days for another Motivational Monday!

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