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Ep 113 MM: I Adore My Soul and Honor It’s Desires

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Happy Monday, y’all!

It’s another beautiful week in Texas and I’m so very grateful for it.  I had an amazing weekend getting to see my best friend from college and cruising around Gruene and New Braunfels. I’m slowly becoming obsessed with where we live and still can’t believe we manifested all this!

It takes me back to last March when I was 8 months pregnant and all we wanted was to move to Texas, find a house, and be in the hill country.  And now… here we are!

Desires are a powerful thing.  They’re one of the ways our soul guides us to deeper alignment and more joy, but we have to spend the time learning how to hear the voice of our soul, which is one of my favorite things to help my clients with.

Knowing how to tune into the truth that lives within you is perhaps one of the most important pieces to creating alignment and having a practice to do this regularly is absolutely life changing.

In today’s episode, we talk about desire and why it’s so important while also diving into how we honor these soul cravings.

Join me!  I’ll see you in a few days for another TT <3

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