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Ep 111 MM: I Allow It To Be Easy

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Wow!  You guys…. what a week last week, amiright?  We have a new president of the United States of America and had the BIGGEST civil rights march in the history of our country one day later.  I’m still amazed at the unity this movement sparked with almost 700 sister marches worldwide.  It makes my heart swell that so many of us are passionate about making sure our voices are heard for the things that we believe in.

This of course, has led to a lot of heavy conversations in my world with people that I love.  I’ve had to rely on some spiritual tools to hold the line for myself, which I share in today’s episode, but overall, I’m so proud to see the way women and men are standing up for more equality, compassion, and love.

I invite you to engage in compassionate dialogue with others.  This is how things shift.  But if others aren’t interested in expanding their view or considering your own, keep in mind that the only thing you can control is creating a compassionate space for others to enter into with you.  By doing so, we model the values that we uphold and promote.  And, it might just help you not lose your mind <3  (You’re welcome!)

Today’s mantra has a very personal basis for me today and it’s one I have to bring myself back to OFTEN!  Very often!  But, the more I come back to it, the more it proves itself to be true – things really can be easy…. IF YOU LET THEM.  (That’s the trick!)


So, if you’re stuck in a situation where you literally feel like you’re beating your head against the wall with a person or situation, I welcome you to let this mantra take the place of all the forcing you’re doing.  Release your grip just a bit, practice faith, trust, and surrender.  Have a come to Jesus talk with God and hand it all over.  Invite ease, calm, and flow into your life because it’s ALWAYS available to you.  You just have to re-member!

I’ll see you in a few days for Transformational Thursday.  <3

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