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Ep 106 TT: Shifting the Shoulds

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Hey, hey, hey, Sisters!

It’s Transformational Thursday and we’re diving into a very relevant topic – the should’s.  Why is it relevant?  Because GOALS/INTENTIONS/DESIRES are usually accompanied by “shoulds” and with it being the New Year and all, I know you have some goals/intentions/desires, which means I also know you’re going to experience the shoulds that come with them!


The trick, which we’ll be talking about today, is learning how to shift shoulds into motivation vs. the guilt and shame they love to create because…. how motivating are those?  Not very!


In today’s episode, we cover:

  • the 2 main pitfalls I see in goal setting
  • why we get bogged down in the shoulds to begin with
  • how we shift the shoulds (plus a little game I call “would you rather…”)
  • and learning to discern between YOUR shoulds vs. someone else’s

You ready?

Grab your notebook, girlfriend!  Let’s go 🙂

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Want to take this further?

Here’s your homework –

Take out a piece of paper.

Along the top, create 3 columns.

In those column, write out 3 goals that you’re wishing to bring to reality this year.  If you don’t have 3, great…. start with where you are.  List one goal, two goals even.

Then, underneath each goal, list out all the tiny, subtle shifts that will need to happen in order to help you reach said goal.  Spend some time here really digging in 🙂

Now, feel into these tasks.

  • Which ones really excite you?  Which ones really light you up?
  • Which ones make you say “ugh…. I’m really not looking forward to that!”

—–> *** These are the ones you’re going to want to pay attention to when it comes to shifting “shoulds” to “want to’s/love to’s”.  

Then (THIS IS IMPORTANT!), when it comes time to doing those tasks that don’t really feel all magical, airy, fairy, and sprinkled with unicorn pixie dust, HOLD YOUR ULTIMATE VISION IN MIND.

Notice how completing this task moves you closer to your true desire.  Feel into how it will feel when you’ve attained your true desire.

*** And then (DON’T FORGET THIS PART!), say to yourself (out loud, preferably), “I’d LOVE to do _______.”

See what shifts.

Now, get going dream seeker!  

Believing in you always and holding the powerful vision of you cultivating the inspiration and motivation to create your own version of a beautiful, magical, and powerful year!


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