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Ep 105 MM: Every Day, I Move Closer to My Dreams

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Happy New Year, Lady Loves!

I’m so full of joy as we start this new year and I’ve been spending some extra time reflecting on all 2016 brought into my world.  There’s been so much to integrate between buying a home, becoming a parent, moving cities (yet again), and all the other life shifts that have happened because of it.

In case you didn’t hear, I’m totally going rogue with letting my clarity around 2017 sink in over the next couple of weeks because that’s what feels good and I hate being rushed!  Feel free to go ROGUE with me.  It feels good to be wild <3

On today’s episode, I share the Desire Map, one of my favorite tools for getting clear on how you want to feel and creating goals with soul.  I TOTALLY recommend it!  You can find your copy right here (it’s a proud affiliate link because I LOVE everything Danielle puts out, especially her Truthbombs! I’ve yet to check out her Volume 2, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!)

So into our mantra today…

Do you ever feel like progress is SUPER SLOOOOOOW?  Or maybe you feel like you’re always behind.  I know I’ve felt that way SOOOOOO many times, which is why our mantra today is so powerful.

I always tell my clients that creating change and reaching goals is a lot like learning to dance the cha-cha.  We take a few steps forward, a few steps back and every single step is important for helping us reach our desires.

I’ve noticed a distinct change in pace since becoming a mom and having this mantra be my truth has been so nurturing instead of being swept up in worry wondering if I’m going to get it all done or WHEN?

Case in point… my book was supposed to be done by now, but it’s not and that’s ok!

I’d much rather have a book that feels good than feels rushed.  We have to give ourselves some flex to go at our own pace and trust that Every Day, We Are Moving Closer to Our Dreams!

I hope you find this mantra just as powerful as I have and let me know if you start incorporating these into your journaling practice this year.  I highly recommend it <3

With Love, Sisters!  May you have a beautiful, magical, powerful start to 2017!

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