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Ep 104 TT: Allison Horner

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It’s Transformational Thursday, Sisters and I have a wonderful guest with me today!

Allie first caught my attention with her #DoneBy1 campaign on social media and it hit such a cord with me, I had to have her on to talk about how she’s created this work philosophy and how it increases her joy.

You may recognize Allison Horner as the #DoneBy1 entrepreneur first, and at heart, she’s a Transformational Business + Life Coach helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs bring their big vision to life with more ease and excitement! She believes that living a full life is THE greatest adventure, and being an entrepreneur is just part of that journey… and her SuperPower is helping YOU find the path of least resistance to growing your business.
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She’s sharing her top 3 tips for cultivating more joy, which are: 
1.  Let your dreams catch up to you by slowing down to speed up.
2.  Adventure daily (and reconnect with your inner child).
3.  Be the beacon for your dreams and self-nourishment.
And one of my favorite TAKEAWAYS from this episode is Alli’s new philosophy: Do Less Better!
Yes, Yes, Yes!  
As a new mom, I have to say this one is CRUCIAL!
Allie Founded her company, Adventure Knocks (, to help women THRIVE, mind, body, and soul, and to live fully and authentically, as they build their businesses. She spends most of her time outside, enjoying the Colorado sun, hiking, skiing, or just walking around her neighborhood. After she’s done at 1pm (everyday), you can find her outside, playing with her 2-year-old, Finn and just generally enjoying this grand adventure!
She’s also the host of the Adventure Knocks! Podcast which launched to the top charts on iTunes.
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