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Ep 101 MM: It’s Safe to be Blissfully Happy

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Happy Monday, Sisters!  I’m in love with today’s episode as we’re diving deep into happiness and joy, the difference between them, and how we can increase the positivity in our lives by focusing on gratitude.

I’ll be leaning on the lovely Brené Brown today as we discuss the concept of foreboding joy and it’s a good one!

To reference today’s book, you can grab Daring Greatly here.  This isn’t one of her easier reads, just as a heads up, but it’s chocked full of powerful concepts that are so transformative!

The main take-aways for you today are these: 

1.  Joy is vulnerable.

2.  You aren’t alone in trying to prevent loss and disappointment by foreboding joy (many people do this!).

3.  The antidote to foreboding joy is practicing gratitude.

4.  A gratitude practice is MORE than a mental exercise.  It must be an emotional one in order to benefit from your practice.

5.  Scarcity and fear drive foreboding joy.  The opposite of scarcity isn’t abundance.  It’s enoughness (whoop, whoop!).

6.  There is enough and you are enough.  Period.  The end.

7.  You experiencing and leaning into joy does not take joy away from others.

8.  Joy is found in the ordinary moments that we make extraordinary.

9.  We transform the ordinary to the extraordinary through gratitude.

10. You deserve joy.  You deserve happiness.  You are DESERVING!

I hope you have an amazing start to your week sinking into all the blessings that surround you.  Give yourself permission to feel the connected emotions to these blessings.  This emotional experience of gratitude is what increases our joy.

Lastly, it’s safe for you to be blissfully happy.  You can live there.  Always.  You deserve to.  

I’m sending you so much LOVE to you and your family this Holiday Season.  I’ll see you in a few days for Transformational Thursday.

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