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Ep. 6 With Christine Miskinis

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Christine Miskinis is a Women’s Empowerment Coach who focuses on teaching women how to tune-in to their inner voice to express their Authentic Voice in their lives. She is the owner and founder of Rock it Out Woman.

Christine’s story began with healing her own voice when she found out at age 24 that she had pre-cancerous cells growing from her stomach up into her esophagus from a lifetime of digestive issues. She believes this was a direct result of not listening to her intuition, pushing her way through life and silencing her own Voice in trying to be a successful woman. It wasn’t until that moment in the Doctor’s office that she realized no one was going to “save” her, there was no magic “pill” to fix her, and that she was responsible for her life – Body, Mind and Spirit.

In fact, she recalls everything around her going completely silent as she heard her inner voice say, “Go and allow your body to Heal.” Trusting her inner voice, she left the office unafraid and within a few days the perfect mentor showed up to support her in her healing process. The more her physical body healed, the greater her VOICE inside became. In just 6 months, her body was healed. From there, Christine went on to discover many more truths of the world and was ignited with passion for her newly discovered purpose to support other women in Tuning-In to their own Inner-Voice for the guidance needed to transform their lives.

As she began sharing her story, she quickly became noticed in the Coaching industry and soon others were asking her to tell her story of healing to their audiences. Christine has been seen multiple times on National Television (Dr. Oz) and hosts her weekly Radio Show as a VOICE for women on called Rock it Out Radio

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Everything I need to be successful happens through the Power of my Voice, both Inner-connection and Outer expression. I believe the power of a woman is found in her Voice.” – Christine

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