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Ep 59 With Megan Hale

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When I first found out I was pregnant back in October, I was elated!  Hubby and I had been trying for a few months and to see those two lines on the pregnancy test was an unbelievable feeling!

But it wasn’t long until we started to realize that our due date was within days of my hubby graduating his master’s program, us moving back to TX, and him starting a new job.

We HAD A LOT coming our way and ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  Add growing a business onto that list and you could say there were definitely some stressful moments as I wondered, “how in the world am I going to do all this?”

When you’re an entrepreneur, maternity leave isn’t exactly the same as it would be in a traditional 9-5.  Your business depends on you to bring in income so around week 14, I started getting serious about planning out all of this was going to work.

What I came up with was a simple plan to focus my efforts on just 5 areas:
1.  Visibility
2. Growth
3. Revenue
4. Support
5. Non-negotiables

I walk you through each of these things in this episode plus some amazing tips from my guest expert, Hannah Poles!

Hannah Chelsey Poles, the Baby Maven, joins me today to share her top tips for preparing your biz for baby!

Hannah Chelsey is a Pregopreneur Mentor & New Parent Coach. She found her true calling at a very early age (it all started with a baby doll on her first Christmas!) and has continued to follow that passion. Recognizing that her dream job and title didn’t exist, Hannah pieced together all the things that she loves: pregnancy, babies, support & entrepreneurship. She creatively coined the phrase “pregopreneur” and founded her business, The Baby Maven. Hannah coaches first time mamas throughout their pregnancy & the early weeks with their newly expanded family. She delights in helping them to feel prepared, manage “the overwhelm” and create balance with their pregnancy, baby and biz.

You can connect with her at:
On her Facebook Page:
And her Facebook Group:

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