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Ep. 57 With Yasemin Inal

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After teaching English and Communication for more than a decade, Yasemin had an epiphany. While she was teaching at a university, she discovered her passion for coaching as she was mentoring a student who was going through major challenges. She realized that she enjoyed seeing people have breakthroughs in becoming the best version of themselves.

With a bold move, she started her coaching company, Amplify Your Dreams, at the end of 2012 and in less than 18 months, she was able to leave behind her teaching position to touch lives globally. As a High Performance Coach, Biz Strategist and Motivational Speaker, she empowers entrepreneurs, and visionaries to reach and maintain their highest levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence so they can THRIVE in all areas of their lives. You can learn more about Yasemin at and for you can also join her FB community called The Thriving Entrepreneur.

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