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Ep 52 With Jo Gifford

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Jo Gifford joins the Enoughness Revolution to share her journey of redefining success and keeping creativity flowing!

Oh, how excited am I to debut our next guest, Jo Gifford!  Not only is she one of the fab co-creators in the Fierce Feminine Masterclass, but she’s one of my favorite people to talk to when it comes to creativity!

Jo Gifford is a designer, writer, blogger, mentor, author, creativity addict + prolific geek.
 You could call it a portfolio career of multi-potential multi-passions or simply just being herself.

She helps passionate entrepreneurs create killer content, work smarter, and leverage their brilliance to make work fun!

You can connect with Jo by visiting her on her website:  This woman is someone you need in your back pocket!

Lastly, don’t forget!!  You only have a couple more days to get the Mini-Course FOR FREE before it goes up May 1st.


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