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Ep. 46 With Keri-Anne Livingstone

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After her own epic journey of “unsolicited” change, Keri-Anne Livingstone transformed her disconnected and robotic life from existing to LIVING by pursuing one unconventional concept – DARING TO SUCK.


With “permission to try” as her new motto, she dared to tune in and speak up for her desires, transcended the bullshit (limiting roles, rules, expectations) in her life, reconnected to her heart, put both hands back on the wheel and came ALIVE again. She is a fierce advocate for living an authentic, open-hearted life and demonstrates the limitless impact it can have in the world.


She serves the world as an Emotional Empowerment Coach, Impassioned Speaker and “Edu-tainer” as she fascinates and inspires reconnection, healing, self acceptance and liberation for Women seeking freedom and full expression in their life and business. The ripple effect is real and Keri-Anne’s here to help you make waves!

I highly recommend you connect with her in her free community on Facebook, Empathetic Badasses Unite and on her website for her intimate group programs and 1:1 work.

AND, if you’re ready to take a mini DEEP dive into Keri-Anne’s DARING TO SUCK work, make sure you’re signed up for her FREE challenge “8 Days of Daring” beginning JUNE 20th, 2016!!

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