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Ep 41 With Celia Ward-Wallace

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Celia Ward-Wallace is a Soulful Business Coach + Spiritual Teacher who leads women to discover their purpose, find their powerful and authentic voice and increase their leadership and visibility through soulful businesses, speaking, writing and community building. 

Celia is the CEO of the Super Fly Soulful Business Programs and the Soulful Coaching Academy. She is also the author of “A Woman’s Guide to Having It All,” and a world-class keynote speaker.

Celia is on a mission to empower one billion women, one at a time, to stand fully in their power, manifest their greatness and live a life of meaning and impact. She helps women remember their divine wisdom, reconnect with the sisterhood collective and rise to the power that is their birthright. 

Celia’s forward-thinking methodology focuses on the intersection of: money + meaning, business + self-care, action + receiving, strategy + soul and community building + collaboration. Her focus is to amplify the voices of female change-makers and lead her community to create a life and business by intentional design with lot’s of ease, grace and cash.

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