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Ep 37 With Kim Bowen

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Kim Bowen, transformational coach and healer, guides women to break free from self limitations and emotional pain by embodying their inner goddess to achieve bliss. Her own life experience of childhood trauma turned to self sabotage has inspired her to empower women and girls as an empowerment coach, yoga instructor, and energy healer. She offers transformational retreats, specialized 1:1 programs, has been a registered yoga instructor for over 11 years, a Reiki master, guest blogger for Huffington Post and Yoganonymous, and the founder of Shamelessly Me Academy, for women who struggle from the restraints of past sexual trauma. Kim is a believer in sisterhood, a mother of 3, nature lover, woo woo junkie, artist & dancer at heart, and in the process of writing her first novel. Her passion for empowering women and girls, no matter what their past is fuels her to consistently inspire, teach, and heal so others have the bliss they desire and deserve.

Kim has recently created an experience for women to connect with each other in a safe and high vibrational space so they aren’t limited by self sabotage, judgements, or previous emotional baggage. The BLISS Goddess Secret Circle was born out of a longing women have shared with Kim at her retreats and in sessions to be in a supportive environment where they can truly be themselves and work towards connecting deeper to their inner power in a fulfilling way. It’s a comprehensive group experience combining all of her gifts of yoga teaching, energy healing, mindset coaching, intuitive guidance, body love practices, meditation and ritual, and spirit connection with goddess and crystal energy.


The group is open now and sessions begin March 21st. The 1st 8 women who sign up receive over $1000 in bonuses.

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