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Ep. 31 With Makenna Johnston

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If Tibetan philosophies of non-attachment made passionate love to high-level business acumen with a hefty dash of bodymind connection, and raised their resultant love child on a steady diet of craft beer, traditional foods, mountain living, yoga, and snow skiing you’d have, Makenna Johnston. Fondly known as MakJo

MakJo is a passionate coach & thought leader for visionary leaders–entrepreneurs, creatives, and otherwise. In 2015, she followed a lark/hunch/intuitive pull and found a team to purchase Julia Child’s summer home in Provence which is now being run as a retreat center and home for the Courageous Cooking School. She comes from a background of academia both as a professor and as a PhD Candidate at the European Graduate School. She has over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, coaches, organizations, artists, and writers to create strategic visions and missions that kick ass and take names.

She’s a big picture see-er, and can whip nearly any vision into actionable shape. Her book, The Intention Generation, is being published by Difference Press in March 2016. She’s mighty tall. Mighty fun. And mighty into kimonos (and manatees). She probably likes you a lot, and don’t be surprised if she asks you to be her best friend.

You can find her literally everywhere online right now, but to connect with her personally, make sure to visit her website:

She currently has 2 spots left for her next retreat at Julia’s house, May 10th-14th.  To claim yours, make sure to visit:

And to take a look at the brand new RETREAT space and COOKING SCHOOL, visit the gorgeous new site,

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