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Ep. 25 Top Lessons from the Past 24 Episodes

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Today, I’m sharing the top lessons I’ve learned interviewing woman after woman on her journey to enoughness and personal power.

Specifically, I talk about the 5 key concepts to Fierce Feminine Leadership:

I started my podcast to have a conversation about enoughness, but what I didn’t expect is that this foundational piece quickly turned into how these women have embraced who they are to step more boldly into their own fierce feminine leadership.

As I was reflecting over the past 20 or so episodes, I pulled out 5 key pieces for any woman looking to up her leadership game in 2016. Here they are:

1. Resiliency: each of the women I’ve spoken to have all faced their own challenges and obstacles to finding their true selves to turning their passion into a thriving business. Their resiliency has been built on a powerful conversation with themselves so when that inner critic comes knocking (as it always does), these women are masters on how to reframe challenges and obstacles into lessons learned and PICK themselves back up when they fall into self-doubt.

2. Sustainability: there’s been a huge (an unexpected) theme emerge in my interviews —> burnout or full blown exhaustion. Many of the women I’ve interviewed have had full on wake up calls when it comes to their health sometimes even having to be hospitalized before they really got the message. What’s become very evident is that any strong feminine leader has a fierce sustainability practice that often involves self-care, spirituality, time for fun and play, and time to connect with their loved ones. They don’t burn the candle at both ends and if they do, they are very committed to balancing this out with vacation and rest to recharge.

3. Courage: there hasn’t been one single woman I’ve interviewed who hasn’t been brave, courageous, and all around gutsy in going after what she wants. Their courage stems from a deep inner confidence that they’ve gained by doing a lot of inner work —> releasing old stories that no longer served them, seeking self-mastery over self-defeating patterns, learning to draw healthy boundaries that support and honor their resources, and actively seeking self-acceptance. They’ve also leaned in hard to vulnerability, learned how to get more comfortable in the uncomfortable, and courageously embraced their emotions vs. avoiding them.

4. Soul-Alignment: each of these women have demonstrated seeking deeper alignment within themselves from starting new businesses, starting new relationships, choosing a fulfilling lifestyle, embracing their sexuality, course-correcting when things don’t seem to be a good fit, etc. The one thing that has shown up repeatedly in these women’s stories is PERMISSION. They give themselves loads of permission to change direction, sometimes doing 180s to find a better fit for who they are and one that honors their soul.

5. Enoughness: of course! This is one of the main pieces we discuss on the podcast and how this one crucial foundation has revolutionized the way they show up for themselves and the world. The process of enoughness is strangely similar among all of these women. It involves looking at your own personal belief system, finding freedom to be enough just as you are (major self-acceptance), and a sense of becoming whole, healing old wounds, and tapping into their own personal power as women. Each of these women has not only done the enoughness work, but applies these same principles to increase their daily fulfillment as they continue to expand into their potential. This keeps their vibe high and serves as a strong home-base to come home to when stepping into the other 4 qualities I mentioned above.

I’ve learned so much from each of these women, especially the 6 core components to Fierce Feminine Leadership:
1. self-care
2. empowered mindset
3. spiritual foundations
4. bold boundaries
5. inspired action
6. working from a place of ease, grace, and flow vs. hustle, muscle, and force

It’s been a wild ride so far seeing all of this come to light out of my interviews. I had no idea exactly what I was going to learn or get myself into when I started this conversation, but I hope these 5 qualities and 6 foundational components are helpful if you’re looking to step up your personal leadership in 2016 and I look forward to even more insights as the year goes on.

There’s definitely something to be said about the power of personal leadership. What I’ve gained thus far is that the way you lead yourself is the main determinant to your success and your fulfillment and I’m excited to share even more stories this year as the enoughness conversation continues <3

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