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Ep. 12 With Allison Braun

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Allison Braun is a Business & Lifestyle Success Coach that helps purpose-driven women get what they want by being who they are, and doing what they love. With Simplicity and Soul. She’s helped hundreds of women from over 10 countries bust the myths that you have to be someone you aren’t and that you have to “work hard” to be successful.

When she’s not helping freedom & purpose driven coaches, healers & helpers discover and express their gifts in a thriving business they love, you can find her swimming in the nearest ocean, drinking espresso or playing with crystals. Start making your own dream business a reality over at

Allison shares a lot of her spiritual and emotional journey on today’s episode and you definitely want to tune in to hear her journey to freedom and self-empowerment.

And as always, come join us in the Bold Beautiful Soul Tribe where our conversation always continues.

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