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Ep. 11 With Shirly Joy Weiss

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As a Spiritual Counselor & Soul-Purpose Activation Coach for 15+ years, Shirly Joy Weiss, MA, HHC, has helped countless aspiring change-makers, coaches and healers stuck in hiding or playing small activate the divine courage, confidence and connection they ALREADY have inside; the space from which they confidently leap into the joyful life of purpose, synchronicity and impact they feel meant for. Having moved herself from debilitating insecurity to experiencing the radical fulfillment, joy and power that emerges when we discover our innate value, move from our eternal resilient center and allow the great Wisdom within to lead, Shirly is now dedicated to unleashing a generation of new-paradigm leaders so grounded in their true confident, connected and loving nature, simply their presence becomes a source of good in our world.

Learn more about her work at and get started on your sacred work now by downloading her free ebook “3 Hidden Blocks Keeping You From Sharing Your Gifts and Changing our World” here:

Shirley shares so much wisdom in today’s episode.  I’m both honored and thrilled to share this with you!

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