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Ep 107 MM: I Am Attracting the Love I Crave and Deserve

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It’s Motivational Monday, y’all and we’re sinking into a beautiful mantra today that’s all about the most powerful life force there is – LOVE.


One of the BIGGEST toxic patterns I see that interferes with our happiness is staying in relationships that are imbalanced and the wrong fit for what we really need.

We can spend years here because here’s the thing… it’s easy to confuse someone being a “good” person with them being the “right” person and these aren’t the same things.

We can pour endless amounts of energy, time, and emotion into changing someone to be who we need them to be or worse, feel like we need to change who we are in order to make them happy.

But, after working with countless couples now both as a therapist and a coach, the best relationships are the ones in which we feel seen, heard, and known.  We feel acknowledged and appreciated for who we are as does the other person.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t work together to create positive change in our relationships, but the motivation to do so is quite different.  When you’re with a love you deserve, our partners inspire us to be our best selves, we feel safe exploring new facets of who we are, we feel braver, more vulnerable, more trusting, and more supported and this is a complete game changer for how we experience our relationships.

The one hang up, however, is that we question the kind of love we deserve.  We stay in toxic relationships because we’re afraid of being alone, we’re afraid we’ll never find anyone who will love us the way we are, we think this is as good as it gets, we doubt we deserve better.

So much of my work is helping women find forever love – to stop settling, to raise their standards of what love can look like, and to be brave enough to walk away from someone who doesn’t honor, respect, and adore the woman that they are.

Do you find yourself stuck in a relationship that you know isn’t right?  Do you find yourself taking on the blame for why another person is never happy?  

The people we choose to spend our lives with are perhaps some of the most important decisions we make.  When we’re with the wrong person, it can make us feel crazy.  Literally.  We question if we’re right.  We question if we’re wrong.  We question our desires and needs and communication styles.  It sets us up for perpetual self-doubt and this deteriorates our self-confidence.

You deserve beautiful love, awe inspiring love, love that makes you feel lucky and blessed and like you’re living in a dream.  

And it doesn’t just stop there.

You deserve LOVE in all kinds of ways from all kinds of directions – loving friendships, work that appreciates you, love from yourself MOST IMPORTANTLY, Divine love, love from strangers, love from people you’ve yet to meet.  

We are all deserving of love.  I’ll say that again…. WE ARE ALL DESERVING OF LOVE!

What kind of love are you craving?  I give you full permission to want more!

See you in a few days for a TT episode that will knock your socks off!  xx

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