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Do You Struggle with Passion?

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I was listening to The Good Life Project podcast today with Elizabeth Gilbert and Jonathon Fields as they were discussing Liz’s new book, Big Magic.

Among many of the powerful things I heard today was the concept of passion and why we might have it all wrong.

In my neck of the woods, women come to me to feel more alive, to feel more whole, to feel complete, to feel more brave. They want to live a passion-fueled life and there is nothing quite as disappointing for them than when they feel they are void of passion.

Being passionless takes the fun and excitement out of life, relationships, work, and play.

Without passion, we struggle finding meaning and many of us may spend our whole lives searching for that one thing that really lights us up.Click To Tweet

But what about when we haven’t found it yet? Do we tend to feel less than? Do we tend to feel that something is wrong with us when everywhere around us people are telling us to find our passion and follow it like it’s the simplest thing in the world?

I know I have and I bet you have. There’s nothing like feeling as though you’re inadequate because you’re missing that ONE THING that is supposedly the answer to happiness, success, and true life fulfillment.

I’ve had many a conversation on passion and purpose and how to find it, but the longer I walk this planet, I’m starting to realize that passion and purpose are nothing you find. They’re something that’s developed and awakened to.

Having been knee deep in enoughness work this year, I’ve woken up to a few key points I want to share with you today.

1. It isn’t about following your passion. It’s about following your curiosity. Brene Brown has said it. Elizabeth Gilbert has said it. Eleanor Roosevelt said it when she shared I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.”

Why curiosity and not passion? Because sometimes passion does not exist. Sometimes passion leaves us. Sometimes passion feels a million miles away, but curiosity never is. Curiosity is that muscle that we can always flex and by staying curious, we keep ourselves open to discovering and awakening to something new, something more, something enlightening.

2. If there’s anything enoughness work has given me, it is this:

when we dare to get curious about becoming whole, we dare to get curious about our emotions. Emotions are the language to the soul.Click To Tweet Without emotions, we’re living incomplete. Without emotions, we’re only half intune with ourselves. Without emotions, there’s no way to live an authentic life for how can you possibly live authentically when you’ve cut off the language of your soul?

One of my most poignant sessions with my coach during the meatiest parts of my enoughness journey was this. He said, “Megan, you talk a lot about living from the soul, but you’re a fake. How can you live from your soul when you don’t let yourself feel?” He was right. It was one of those moments when I wanted to punch him in the face for how right he was and I was pissed because there was nowhere to hide.

I loved to talk about emotions and think about emotions, but feeling emotions was something different entirely. Over the course of four months and for the rest of my life, I will be learning how to experience my emotions more fully because it only by experiencing them do I allow communication to come through from my soul. And it is only by my soul’s communication can I live my most authentic life. This is what it means to live whole, to bring my whole self to the table, my thoughts, my behaviors, AND my feelings!

That’s what enoughness work did for me; the process of getting in touch with my Inner Critic and learning how to let her feel.

As women, we’re taught from a very early age that our emotions don’t have a place in public. Click To TweetWe’re taught that being emotional is bad, makes us look crazy, makes us more untrustworthy and undependable. And so many of us learn how to turn these emotions off, but in so doing, we turn out our light.

How could we ever expect to live a life full of passion when we’ve dimmed our most important light?

What’s even more is that we’re emotional beings having a doing and thinking experience. Emotion is the birthplace for everything. Our feelings are connected deeply to our thoughts and the way we think about ourselves and the world. Our feelings are even more so attached to our actions; what we choose to do and not do. And perhaps more importantly, feelings are married to our courage, the wellspring that each of us have to truly live a life that is fulfilling.

So, how can we expect to live a life that’s whole and complete, authentic and passionate, purposeful and meaningful when we only live from half of our selves?

Do you think it’s possible? I don’t. I know it’s not because I’ve lived it and tried and nothing has been as transformational as doing the work to live from my whole self. That’s the enoughness piece.

There are a lot of layers to enoughness work and I know sometimes, it may seem that I’m all over the place. But that’s the beauty of curiosity. We keep exploring layer after layer and one of the things I love dearly from my own work is that I no longer carry the pressure to have it all figured out or have all the answers.

That’s not what it’s about because I assure you no one does. What it is about is being able to show up as my whole self and create a space for you to do the same.

I want you to live your most courageous and curious life possible because at the edge of those two qualities lives passion, fulfillment, authenticity, and joy. Everything you’ve ever wanted lives because of those two life forces.

If you’re ready to do the work of getting courageous and getting curious, I’d love to be able to walk that journey with you. Schedule a free call to talk more about this process with me. I could talk about it all day!

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Live from your whole self. Become your own best friend. Hold space for your own emotions and sit back and watch the way your life transforms.

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