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If you’re checking out this program, I can assume a few things…

  1. You aren’t where you want to be
  2. Something is keeping you stuck
  3. You have a desire for something more
  4. But you don’t know where to start

You’ve probably tried business coaching, therapy, alternative practices, meditation, yoga, and self-help books, but still nothing seems to give.

Why aren’t you where you know you could be?

Where you should be?  Living the life you always dream about, but can never quite attain?

It seems like no matter how much work you do, you always slide back to the same old place, the same old fears, the same old doubts, the same old ruts.  You take a few steps forward.  Then a few steps back.  It’s like you’ll never be free from that heaviness you keep carrying around.

But what if you could be?

Because the truth is the only thing that’s keeping you stuck is YOU.

I know… harsh truth, right?

But I also know you know that on some level.  What you may not know is that the part that’s keeping you stuck isn’t so much you as it the story of “not enough”.

Not consistent enough, brave enough, good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough, important enough, experienced enough, clear enough to make your dream life a reality.

BUT all that nonsense STOPS. RIGHT. NOW.

It’s your story that isn’t.


Claim Your Enoughness is a 60 day program that blends the power of sisterhood with 1:1 work.

Over the course of 2 months, we dig into the stories of “not enough”, rewrite them, and reclaim the freedom you’ve been craving, the power you’ve been wanting, and the confidence you’ve been lacking to get everything you want!

  • We tap into your spiritual center, pull out your innate wisdom, build in self-compassion, and ignite major self-trust.

But that’s not all!

  • Not only do we heal the stories of not enough, but we unleash the Fierce Feminine Leader within bringing your power to the surface reprioritizing your life and creating a sustainable foundation that’s necessary for success.
  • Because here’s what I know.  The inner work never stops.  The voices of not enough never fully go away.  But with my help and my model, you’ll be well equipped to be RESILIENT.  You’ll be well equipped to be SUCCESSFUL.  You’ll be well equipped to be ALIGNED.  You’ll be well equipped to be your BEST.

Here’s how it works:


  • Every other day, you’ll have a new assignment that asks you to go deeper into your own inner work, connect with your wisdom, face your inner critic, and go toe-to-toe with your story of “not enough”.  Each week, we’ll come together for a group coaching call to tease it all out where you’ll have live hot seat coaching on the spot.  But it doesn’t stop there.
  • Having offered this program twice now, I know what my clients really need.  They need the sacred space of 1:1 work for that extra deep dive that makes all of this come full circle.
  • Every other week, you’ll have a 1:1 45 minute coaching call with me where we dig into your story even further. I hold you accountable to your truth, remind you of your power, hold the space to trust your wisdom, and up level the vision of what you so divinely deserve.

So, just to be clear:


30 written assignments ($497 value)
Eight 90-minute group coaching calls ($3000 value)
Four 1:1 45-minute coaching calls ($1000 value)

That’s 15 HOURS of coaching over the course of 2 months! ($4000 value!)

But there’s still more!


We’ll have a private Facebook group for accountability and when I mean accountability, I mean ACCOUNTABILITY.  You’ll be posting each of your assignments in the group for expert feedback from me, wise and loving feedback from the group, and the powerful support of sisterhood to hold the vision of who you really are, who you can be, what you’re capable of achieving, and what you so divinely deserve.  You’ll be held and supported in a sacred container to break free from the “not enough”, claim your enoughness, trust your greatness, know your power, become whole, and unleash the fierce authentic leader within.

Plus an added bonus!


Built into the program is my Fierce Feminine Leadership Model that adds the component of self-care, empowered mindset, spiritual foundations, bold boundaries, inspired action, and working from a place of ease, grace, and flow vs. hustle, muscle, and force.  You’ll be held accountable to build sustainability from the onset keeping you centered, keeping you grounded, and rebuilding a life that prioritizes YOU!!

And, there’s even a little something extra.


For being the first group to go through this new and improved program, I’m even throwing in a 90 1:1 minute mastermind call one month post program because this is when the powerful ideas always come.  You’ll want someone who can pow-wow with you, offer you clarity and perspective, share creative wisdom and experience as to what to do next.  You’ll want that extra little nudge to stand in your Fierce Feminine Leadership, remember you can do this, and bring all this enoughness work full circle.  And, while we’re at it, let’s go ahead and add in a whole week of email support to bounce ideas back and forth, to get that extra boost of encouragement if you need it, and a little loving ass kicking that I’m oh so good at to move you right along.  ($500 value)

Total Value: $4997

Your Investment:
$2500 (or 2 payments of $1250)  

Early Birds have the option of making 3 payments of $835 if enrolled by February 19th

14 Spots available


So, if you’re ready for a course that ends all courses when it comes to self-doubt, fear, worry, and the pesky voices of “not enough”, join me for a one of a kind experience where you’ll be SEEN, you’ll be HEARD, you’ll be HELD, you’ll be SUPPORTED to become the version you’ve always wanted, but never knew how to set free.

THIRTY Written Assignments ($497 value)
EIGHT 90-Minute Group Coaching Calls ($3000 value)
FOUR 45- Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls ($1000 value)
ONE 90-Minute 1:1 Mastermind Call one month post program ($500 value)
Accountability to the Fierce Feminine Leadership Model (a sustainable approach that works for authentic, soul-aligned leadership)
Working with someone who holds AMAZING space.  Like the BEST SPACE.  SACRED SPACE.  Ask around! (Double Priceless)

Total Value: $4997

Your Investment:
$2500 by February 15th (2 payments of $1250)

Early Birds have the option of making 3 payments of $835 if enrolled by February 19th

14 Spots Available


Here’s the thing:  everything you want all comes back to believing that you’re worthy, that you’re powerful, and that you’re capable of getting everything you want.

Money, Success, Love, Friendships, Achievements, Impact, Happiness, Fulfillment

It all starts with knowing you’re enough, you deserve it, and there’s nothing that can stop you from getting it!  That’s the power of enoughness.  That’s the beauty of claiming it.

CYE Stories