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When you’re ready to uplevel your business AND have a website that reflects it…


Hello, fellow business owner!

I’m Megan, a coach and consultant who understands how important it is to live true to who you are… in life + in business!

That’s why I work with online entrepreneurs who are in the middle of a transition. They’ve just been certified in a new skill, are looking to transition to a new niche, have a new offering, a new product, or a new message to convey. They want their business to be a true reflection of who they are NOW, but don’t know where to start.

Sound like you?


It’s completely overwhelming when you’re trying to integrate something new…


  • How many pages should your revamped site have? Are there too many or not enough? Does each page have a clear purpose that connects and converts?
  • Does your potential client know what to do once they find you? Are you intentionally bringing them closer to you and the services/products you offer?
  • And what IS YOUR NEW message to the world, anyway? Does it reflect everything you really have to say to your potential clients? Does it use language they understand and connect with?
  • But mostly, how do you integrate all that you’ve been, all that you are, and all that you’re currently becoming?

What you need is a business bestie who can dive into your business for ONE WHOLE MONTH and help you figure it all out.


And, that’s where I come in!!


Together, we’ll tease apart your content, go through every single page of your website, go through your messaging, your calls to action, and your services and products to create a more COHESIVE business image that connects and converts.

How do we do this, you ask?

  • We start off with an initial website assessment where I go through your site page by page, top to bottom, pinpointing where your site is lacking and how to beef it up.
  • I’ll create a customized PDF with my concerns and recommendations that we’ll use to guide our work and then spend two hours together in your first of 4 consult calls to go over my findings.
  • While on our first call, we’ll start pulling your true message to the surface as I ask for further clarification on your ideal client, your personal passion and purpose, and the direction you want to see your business grow.
  • We’ll use your truth to make your message and direction come to life. We’ll harness your business with soul.

Untitled design-5
“Megan is like a miracle magician. In one hour she totally rocked my world and my business. She asked all the right questions to pull the words out of me, which felt so perfect and authentic because she wasn’t telling me what to say, but helping me say it myself in a way that my potential clients would understand. Megan has a way of then fine tuning everything so that you can really connect with your audience. She also works fast, in a good way, because we got so much done in one hour together! It blew me away. She was attentive to my needs over the next week and gave me tons of constructive feedback, as well as praise! She’s an amazing cheerleader and supporter and because of Megan’s (and my) hard work, I went from 1 client to 8 in less than two weeks.” ~ Adrienne Dorison

Here’s How we make the magic happen:

  • The first week will be spent rewriting your home page and about page copy.
  • The second and third week will be spent writing your sales pages.
  • The fourth week will be spent styling your sparkling new copy so instead of looking flat and forgettable, it bursts off the page making you smile with delight, but making your potential client smile even more!!

So by the time you ask them to take action, they’re already saying, “yes, yes, yes!! OMG, she so gets me!!” All that’s left to do is to click!



BUT that’s not all!


Because sales pages = sales (i.e. $$$MONEYMONEYMONEY$$$), you’ll get an hour writing call with me for EACH OF YOUR SALES PAGES (up to 3 with this package). That’s a total of 5 hours of consulting: 2 hours with your first call and up to 3 – one hour calls following!

That means, we’ll be getting super clear on WHO you’re writing to, WHAT you’re selling them, WHY they need it, HOW you’re going to help them, and WHY you’re the person for the job.

I’ll help you write your copy on the spot and have something back to you from our co-writing sessions within 2 business days following each call.

So by the time our month is through…. You’ll have a completely revamped business and a website that reflects it, have clarity on your message to the world, WHY YOU’RE THE REAL DEAL, BEST DANG PERSON FOR THE JOB, WHO YOU HELP, AND WHY!!

And all for the price of:

Consult Price, Megan Hale, MA, BCC

When you have this kind of clarity with YOUR VOICE threaded throughout, you send a clear message to your clients (and potential clients) that you are who you say you are, your services and products do what you say they’ll do, and this isn’t just a business, it’s your heart and soul, your purpose and passion, and it’s all there in black and white (AND your brand colors) on every single page of your website.

What results…

IS a cohesive business image that just went PRO.

  • Every single word on your site is chosen with care.
  • Every single call to action has a distinct purpose.
  • Every single piece of content that’s highlighted serves to connect.
  • And your message, your mission, your purpose literally bounces off of every single page.

This is what it’s like to create a trustworthy brand, a dependable image, a strong foundation for your clients to “buy in” emotionally long before they “buy in” financially.

This is how buzz is created.

And this is how you put you in your business

so it’s just as natural of an extension of your heart as you’ve always wanted it to be!!

Ready to Get Started?

Clarity Call Megan Hale, MA, BCC

Here’s the run down one more time:


1 Complete and Thorough Business Assessment

from an outsider’s opinion that finally answers the question “does this all make sense?”

1 PDF Highlighting Concerns and Recommendations

that will serve as our roadmap as we zero in on what you want YOUR business to do and where you want YOUR business to go.

Up to 5 Pages of Co-Written Copy

including your home page, your about page, and up to 3 sales pages with 2 revisions each. Co-written means this is a collaborative process. Why don’t I just do it for you? Because it needs to have your voice in there meaning it needs to be in your own words. This builds the authenticity factor that money can’t buy!!

Design Suggestions for up to 5 pages.

What this looks like is showing you and teaching you how to style your own pages so you have an actual skill you can use in your business over and over again. We’ll bring your brand together visually through your design, which doesn’t just add to the consistency of your brand, but takes your business up a level, which isn’t that why we’re doing this in the first place?

Unlimited Email Support Throughout Our Month Together,

which I’m super gracious with. I know how frustrating it is to be too far into your business to have a healthy perspective. Email is there to give you feedback on design and copy as we work on it together. It’s also there to ask my opinion on how to integrate a specific aspect so it doesn’t throw off your whole business. Consider me your business bestie who’s there to support you and make sure you shine!

What’s Not Included?

I am not, I repeat, NOT a professional web designer. That means if you want to change your fonts or certain elements of your brand such as graphics, you will have to hire a professional to help you with that. I’m also not a photographer, which means I might recommend you get new pictures to consistently represent your new business message and direction. This will be an outside cost to you. However, as a business owner myself, my recommendations will always consider the most cost-efficient changes possible and will always strive to create the most cohesive image with what you currently have.

It is not my goal to have you incur more costs, however, if you’ve never hired a professional website designer or photographer before and have been DIYing it for some time now… this is the perfect service to invest in before you go pro!

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to spend $5000 on a site and not have the clarity or cohesiveness to make that investment pay off. So… as one business owner to another, consider some “pre-clarity” work (such as this) before diving all the way in.

Don’t want the whole package? Just want help on one sales page?

I’m cool with that. Price per page is $450.

Included with each page is a one hour call to go over your sales page together where I will make suggestions on design changes, messaging clarity, and overall flow of the page itself. I’ll help you co-write it with one week of follow up email support too so you’re not just flying solo. We’ll get that sales page to really SHINE!

Ready to get started?


Schedule your free clarity call here. I will go through your website prior to our call to make sure we’re the right fit on my end and then go from there!

Clarity Call Megan Hale, MA, BCC

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