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Yes, “conscious uncoupling” is a buzz word that first hit the scene when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin parted ways, but the concept has a beautiful connotation to how some couples wish to separate.

After all, love isn’t always about making it last.  Sometimes, the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and for our partner is letting the other go so you can each find love that sees you and honors you in the way each of you truly need.

And that’s where I come in.

Because couples who want to consciously uncouple don’t want to lose the love they have left and they surely don’t want to cause any more heartache.

In fact, they want to separate lovingly, with intention, with grace and compassion.

And this is entirely possible!

Even if there’s anger.  Even if there’s resentment.  Even if there’s been betrayal.

You can end your relationship with love and respect and I’m here to help that happen.

Conscious Uncoupling involves a unique approach.

Most couples who arrive at the decision to end their relationship have been grieving what-could-have-been for awhile.  There’s a part of them that’s ready to move on from the relationship into their next chapter while still honoring the relationship they’re currently in.

This is why the way I work with you is so unique and supportive.

We meet as a couple to honor the relationship and meet 1:1 to honor the personal shifts you’re craving.

Together, we’ll tease out the hard stuff and specifics of separation, honor the grief that comes from making this big life change, and usher in your new chapter in the most supportive environment possible.

Here’s how it works:

First, we start with a clarity call for each partner.  For this process to be successful, both partners need to feel seen, heard, important, and supported, which is why I begin our coaching relationship with a 1:1 call for each of you to make sure we’re the right fit.

If it’s a “go” for all involved, we’ll schedule our first couple’s call and get started.

Our work is highly supportive throughout our 6 months of working together.

You’ll receive eight 90-minute couples coaching calls, eight 60-minute 1:1 calls (8 for each partner), four 30-30-30 calls (30 minutes to check in as a group, 30 minute mini-sessions for each partner).

Here’s how our first four months of work together will look on the calendar: 
Week 1: 90 minute Couples Call
Week 2: 60 minute 1:1 Call for Partner 1
Week 3: 90 minute Couples Call
Week 4: 60 minute 1:1 Call for Partner 2

Our last two months will look like this: 
Week 1: 30-30-30 Call (30 minutes as a group + 30 minutes with Partner 1 + 30 minute with Partner 2)
Week 2: Off
Week 3: 30-30-30 Call (30 minutes as a group + 30 minutes with Partner 1 + 30 minute with Partner 2)
Week 4: Off

Here’s what’s included:

– Eight 90-minute couples calls = $3600
– Eight 60-minute 1:1 calls = $2400
– Four 30-30-30 calls = $1800
Unlimited highly-supportive email support between calls = $3000
Uncoupling with love, respect, and compassion = PRICELESS
Your Value: $10,800

Your Investment = $5000

Payments are broken down as follows:
$1500 deposit + 5 Monthly Payments of $700 thereafter due the first of the month


Clarity Call Megan Hale, MA, BCC


What if I’m not sure I want my partner to join?
In this case, we’d start off in a 1:1 coaching relationship and can always change course if you change your mind later.  To learn more about how to get started one on one, visit my 1:1 coaching page here.

What if my partner doesn’t want to do coaching, but I do?
In most cases, a simple clarity call can do wonders in helping your partner move forward.  It’s a common misconception that relationship coaching (or even counseling for that matter) is going to be two people ganging up on the other.  Although that may happen in some coaching/counseling relationships, that does NOT happen in mine.

From the very beginning, I structure our work so each party is seen, heard, and prioritized equally.  Building trust and rapport with my clients is one of my biggest values and for that to happen, both partners need to feel comfortable with me and that I’m the right person to help.  Set up a free clarity call first.  There’s no pressure to sign on as a client.  There’s no pressure to purchase a program.  It’s an honest heart-to-heart about what’s going on in your relationship, your personal goals for separating, and if I’m the right person to help.

What if my partner quits half-way through?
Although I’ve never had this happen, if your partner were to choose to discontinue coaching yet you wanted to continue, we’d transition to a 1:1 coaching relationship to support you through this life transition helping you navigate this next chapter with the most grace, presence, and compassion as possible.

Do you offer legal or financial advise?
I do not, but I will help you in navigating those choices and finding the right person/people to help you.  I offer the emotional and relationship support to help make this process as easy as possible while also guiding you both toward peaceful resolution and loving separation.

Are our 1:1 calls confidential?
Absolutely.  If there’s anything shared in our 1:1 calls that I believe would be of benefit to share with your partner, I’ll discuss this with you before-hand, but you’ll always have final call.  When choosing to uncouple, some things are better left unsaid and/or some things most definitely need to be said yet need to be delivered in the most tactful, loving way possible.  I’ll help you navigate both of these scenarios for the best interest of the relationship. But more than anything, these 1:1 calls are here to offer you a safe space to reconnect with yourself, express your feelings, and work on your own shifts to improve your life and your future relationships.

What if we have children?  Will you help us work out a parenting agreement?
My role will be in helping you clarify the ideal co-parenting situation.  We’ll discuss what’s in the best interest of the children, when to share the news you’re uncoupling with your children and how to share it, plus how to include them in this process so this transition is as easy and loving as possible for them.  Your final parenting agreement, however, will be handled by attorneys or a mediator (if you choose to use them) or in your final divorce decree should you choose to complete the formal paperwork yourself.

More Q’s?
Feel free to email me with any questions you still have.

To get started:

Clarity Call Megan Hale, MA, BCC