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Four Higher Level Needs Every Conscious Couple

Craves to Feel Seen, Heard, Supported, and Loved

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Megan Hale

I’m Megan Hale, a Retired Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach who doesn’t just have professional experience and training in my pocket, but a real-deal track record of transforming pain and toxic patterns into healthy, thriving love.

I’ve been happily married to my best friend for six years and in the eight years we’ve been together, we’ve weathered an almost divorce, kept our connection close and intimacy closer even after adding children, have made countless moves to new cities with the military, and balanced both our dreams for not just a healthy marriage, but healthy, happy lives.

We’ve learned to deepen our communication, increase vulnerability, decrease defensiveness and toxic patterns that get in the way of healthy love, and build a rock solid friendship that can weather any storm, any difficulty, and any major adjustment.

I share this with you because I want you to know that when you hire me, you aren’t just hiring book smarts and wisdom.  You’re hiring someone who practices what they preach, has been in the valleys and pulled themselves to the top, and built happy, healthy, life-changing love and I know I can help you do the same!


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