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Ep 15: With Rabbi Cherina Eisenberg

Today, I'm joined by Rabbi Cherina Eisenberg for a beautiful discussion of the Divine Feminine, Judaism, finding our spiritual path, and creating balance between sacred texts and our inner knowing. I LOVED this conversation so much and I know there are some beautiful gems in here for you! Before we begin, today is the LAST [...]

The past two weeks have been a personal unraveling for me and I've hesitated sharing the behind the scenes because they feel incredibly messy. Today's episode feels vulnerable, but like Brene says, "vulnerability feels like truth and tastes like courage" so maybe there's some light on the other side of this <3 I share these [...]

Hi friends!  So many special announcements today! First up, we have a FREE masterclass happening this Wednesday where we'll be talking about how to have more faith and less doubt in 8 weeks or less so you can do YOUR HOLY work in the world.  I'd love for you to be there!  It's all happening [...]

Ep 12: The Underbelly of Expansion

I'm fresh back from Wild & Holy Weekend and as always, there is SO much to integrate. I thought it'd be amazing to share a few of my take-aways after being home for less than 24 hours knowing so deeply that so many more things will continue to ripple out over the next few months. [...]

It’s Wild & Holy Weekend Week and I am so excited. The thing I love most about Wild & Holy is it’s such a huge permission slip to expand, to step beyond the fear of “too much” and “never enough” and ground down into what you know to be true – that it’s far worth [...]

Hello Friends! I am so excited about our mini-episode today and I can’t wait to share what I’ve been cooking up for all of us. As you all know…. The past three years have been such a personal journey of mine of unraveling the concept of enoughness and how we cultivate it to live lives [...]

This week, we're diving even deeper into healing religious wounds with author, speaker, and minister Carol Merritt. *** Make sure you check back tomorrow for a Wild & Holy Mini-Episode where I'll be making a special announcement!  So, last week, we dove into our first conversation on healing religious wounds and I thought it would [...]

Ep 9: Healing Religious Wounds

This episode is brought to you by the magic of Wild & Holy Weekend! There is still space to join me for a weekend of hugs, tacos, truth and expansion, but the time is now to secure your spot.  Visit for all the details and to buy your ticket! Happy Labor Day, friends. I [...]

This has been by far the hardest podcast episode to record in the history of podcast recording for me.  How do you give words to something that is so intimately known and felt?  How do you give words to something that is so vast and intangible? I do my best and still feel I'm coming [...]

I love getting questions from you guys.  Not only does it let me know where we so often struggle, but it gives me an opportunity to truly show up and serve. Today's episode is all about one of my favorite topics [and areas of expertise] as we dive into maintaining intimacy during times of deep [...]