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Happy New Year, friends!  I cannot believe we’ve arrived to the finale episode of Season 1!  Did that go quickly or what?   In just two days, I’m scheduled to deliver our second baby boy and with the hubby down with the flu, I’m not quite sure that’s going to happen as planned, but at [...]

Oh my goodness!  You know when you get to have lunch with a girlfriend and just KNOW you're going to have such a good conversation?  That's what today's episode is like because today, I'm talking to Andrea Owen, one of my favorite life coaches, authors, and mentors on her newest book, How to Stop Feeling [...]

Hi friends!  Is anyone else feeling the crunch of the New Year or is it just me?  It probably doesn't help that I'm in my final weeks of pregnancy and things are about to get a little nutty over here! Interestingly, even though I obviously have a lot of things going on - getting ready [...]

Ep 22: With Reshma Thakkar

Happy Monday, Friends!  I am so honored to be sharing our next guest with you, but before I do - a few announcement... Wild & Holy Year - a year long spiritual container for therapists, coaches, helpers, and healers to have their own breakthroughs so they can show up braver and help others have their [...]

Ep 21: Scale Back to Expand Forward

Hi, loves! The last 4 weeks are upon us before this Wild & Holy mama welcomes her newest little one into the world.  Can you believe it?   With that, I have some things I'm buttoning up over here business wise to prepare for this new addition as well as a new opportunity you MUST [...]

Welcome back, friends!  I'm so excited to share the podcast with you today.  I'm sharing one of the tools I use with clients when we start talking about boundaries, vulnerability, bravery, and intimacy and although I normally teach this with paper and pen, I'm hoping it translates just as well via audio as you consider [...]

Happy Monday, Friends!  It is always a privilege to share people who have made a difference in my life and today's guest cracked me open in such a powerful way this year that I've been sitting with bigger questions ever since! I met Andréa earlier this year at an event called Practical Magic Live hosted [...]

Hi Friends. And welcome back to another episode of Wild & Holy Radio and boy, do we have a good topic for today! In this episode, we talk about the path to surrender, why grief is usually a part of it, the three reasons surrender is SO difficult, and who we find more ease along [...]

Ep 17: With Gurds Hundal

Hello, friends!  And welcome back to Wild & Holy Radio.  I am SO excited about our next guest today as she's bringing such a diverse background to the conversation of defining the Divine on your own terms.  Today, I'm speaking to Gurds Hundal, a British inspirational speaker, transformational life coach and author. She guides people to [...]

Ep 16: The Wholeness of Holiness

Oh, I'm loving this episode!  Today, we're diving into the meaning of holiness, how we create it, how we claim it, and the two different levels of wholeness that help us get there. In this episode, I share: The power of integration work The power of story work Becoming the person we always needed Reclaiming [...]