When I gave birth to my son, my heart cracked wide open and I asked myself,


“What would I be doing differently if I knew I was enough?”


The answer?

  • I’d write that book, I said.
  • I’d follow the curiosity of my creativity, I promised.
  • I’d step into the arena of the woman I want to be instead of skirting around the parameters, my soul whispered.

And so here I am, at the threshold of birthing my first book that is tentatively titled, Learning to Love.

Over the course of my life, I’ve come to believe that all of our life journeys are an adventure of learning to love – learning to love ourselves, learning to love others, learning to love God, and learning to receive love in the deepest way possible.

As I sat down to write the first few pages of my book, I quickly learned that writing about love would require me to write about heartbreak – the most excruciating times when love wasn’t present.

As I started to let my soul tell my stories, it became a cathartic process for deeper insight and deeper healing.

 It allowed ever further reflection to:


  • how I’ve been able to bounce back from horrendous heartbreak in order to find true, life altering, soul-mate love
  • how I’ve been able to create loving, reciprocal, life long friendships
  • how I’ve been able to open myself to God’s grace
  • how I’ve been able to heal the relationships with my parents to receive their love, pride, and respect, and
  • how I’ve been able to open myself to the magic of the Universe and pursue a life or purpose and joy

To say I’m excited to share this very intimate, vulnerable look inside my journey is an understatement, but to bring this dream to fruition,

I Need Your Help!


On December 1st,


Learning to Love will begin a campaign to be pitched to a list of top notch publishing houses – publishers like Hay House, Random House, Wiley Books, Penguin Books, publishers that have published some of my mentors like Brene Brown, Gabrielle Bernstein, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Glennon Doyle Melton.

How it works:


Through the whole month of December, my book must sell 250 copies in order to be pitched to the publishing houses I mentioned above.

The benefit of working with a publisher increases a book’s distribution meaning it will be put in book stores where women who need it can find it.

  • Women who wonder if they’re worthy of love.
  • Women who wonder if they’ve screwed up too many time to find someone that loves them for who they are.
  • Women who struggle feeling accepted by their parents instead of a disappointment.
  • Women who crave a deeper relationship with God and the Universe, but have no idea where to start.
  • Women who have experienced deep losses and wonder if they’ll ever walk out of their grief.
  • Women who have a dream in their heart, but wonder if they’re good enough to achieve it.
  • Women who wonder if they’re really here for a reason yet dream of making an impact.
  • Women who are ready to love deeper, become whole, and receive soul-shaking love from another.

I know what it’s like to ask all of these questions.  My life has been those questions.  And now I’m sharing my answers, my insights, my journey of coming home to my soul and being its champion.

Can I count on you for helping me reach my goal?


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The way Publishizer works is that those who purchase during the campaign will be offered certain incentives you won’t find anywhere else.

You may get access to


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You definitely don’t want to miss out on this party!


BUT, much like Kickstarter, if my campaign doesn’t meet the 250 threshold, my book will NOT be pitched and each participant in my campaign will be refunded their money.  That’s why it’s crucial to build as much momentum as possible for the whole month of December!

The great news it’s a no risk obligation for you to support me yet you open yourself to receive some amazing gifts for supporting the birth of my book.

I hope I can count on you to be there alongside me as I take a stand for love, rise as the Soul Warrior I am, and help other women open and heal their hearts to let more love in.

I’ll see you inside the campaign shortly!  Sign up here to stay up to date on my book journey – all the fear and doubt that comes up when we own our stories, how I’m pushing through it, and how I’m being a vessel for God to work through me!


Talk soon <3

Megan Sig