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We're four weeks into Wild & Holy Truth now, which is crazy and insane for a few reasons: ​1. That means Thanksgiving is next week in the States2. That means #2 is coming really soon, like only 7 more weeks3. The Holiday Season is fast upon us4. 2018 is coming in like WOAH!  How is any of [...]

With each new week that passes, I’m not only reminded of how close the end of the year is getting (I mean, hello, Thanksgiving is NEXT week, like how in the world did that happen?), but also how close it’s getting to this new little boy entering the world and I feel like I have [...]

Do you have an inner good girl who's begging for more freedom?  To let go of the rules and be more courageous? I think you do because as a seeker, I know you're here to become your fullest expression, to awaken to your gifts and purpose, to create a life of meaning, and use your [...]

  We're building on the concepts I've talked about over the past two days.   Day 1: Using the Spiritual Tool of Discernment to Create Authenticity Day 2: How our Spirituality Shapes our Definition of Enoughness   And diving into how our understanding of God changes the way we pray, increases our confidence, and builds [...]

I'm writing this post from a personal and professional perspective.     1.   I'm married and have been for 6 years 2.  I've almost gotten divorced and have gone through my own last ditch effort to save my own marriage 3.  I've coached plenty of couples through their own last ditch efforts Sometimes they [...]

Using discernment to determine what feels true for ourselves and what doesn’t and allows us to create spiritual authenticity. I mentioned an external locus of control and an an internal locus of control yesterday, which I wanted to tease apart just a bit more. When we practice discernment, we’re essentially shifting where we put our [...]

    1.  Episode 137 of The Enoughness Revolution: How to Not Lose Yourself in Your Relationships 2. Read (and print) this passage from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman: 3.  Episode 149 of the Robust: Alternative Wisdom | Part 3 - An Intro to Punk Wisdom 4.  The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown [...]

It's day 15 of what feels like nonstop crying.  My once angelic baby has turned into someone I don't recognize.  He's fighting sleep every single time I lay him down, which equates to 3 (if I'm lucky) to 5 times a day in which he cries and tantrums when he's exhausted and each time my [...]

I’ve Been Keeping a Secret

Is it #2 already? No.  Not yet!  But if it were up to me, I'd totally be down for that!  Baby fever is underway! But, I digress. No, Love, I've been holding out on a different secret and it took a big fancy phone call with a PR firm in NYC to make me aware [...]

We Need To Talk About Beyoncé

We need to talk about Beyoncé. (Several things to dive into as I'm processing it all.)   I didn't watch the Grammy's last night except for Queen B's performance and before I knew it, the internet was ablaze over "who does she think she is?" and "oh my God, I can't believe she did that!" [...]