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It's day 15 of what feels like nonstop crying.  My once angelic baby has turned into someone I don't recognize.  He's fighting sleep every single time I lay him down, which equates to 3 (if I'm lucky) to 5 times a day in which he cries and tantrums when he's exhausted and each time my [...]

I’ve Been Keeping a Secret

Is it #2 already? No.  Not yet!  But if it were up to me, I'd totally be down for that!  Baby fever is underway! But, I digress. No, Love, I've been holding out on a different secret and it took a big fancy phone call with a PR firm in NYC to make me aware [...]

We Need To Talk About Beyoncé

We need to talk about Beyoncé. (Several things to dive into as I'm processing it all.)   I didn't watch the Grammy's last night except for Queen B's performance and before I knew it, the internet was ablaze over "who does she think she is?" and "oh my God, I can't believe she did that!" [...]

Love is love is love.

  It was 2013. I'd just opened my private practice as a therapist after working as a substance abuse counselor for a couple of years. My practice was in a conservative part of Texas and I was one of the few therapists who specifically and openly welcomed in members of the LGBTQ community. My practice [...]

Wild + Holy Weekend

I was sitting in some quiet reflection this morning before Brax woke up reading the Desire Map and three things occurred to me: I really need to start getting up before he does because - peace + quiet feeds this ambivert's soul I'm craving time with like minded soul-sisters like nobody's business so what can I do [...]

Operation Feel Good Naked

Wild and Holy | Megan Hale

(and the difference between intentions and goals) It's the New Year and along with that comes dreams and desires for what we want to see manifest in the next 365 days around the sun.   In the past, I've done vision boards, created goal lists, chosen my Core Desired Feelings, gotten clear on the habits, [...]

Do You Have Fighting Rules?

I'm working with one amazing couple right now on rebuilding trust and making sure they're both being seen and heard in their relationship.  They started their coaching process with a solid foundation and did what I wish every couple would do, which is reach out for help before things get too far gone.   They're [...]

The Rumbling

I have complete and utter faith that God speaks to us with signs.  He/She holds up a mirror for reflection.  He/She puts people and events in our path that pulls at pieces of our hearts that we've heard whispering for some time, but for whatever reason we have not yet heeded. Being in that vulnerable [...]

The God I Know

I feel like I have white hot truth coursing through my veins this morning. In the midst of dreams, powerful thoughts came through my mind as always happens the morning before I’m set to write my heart out. It’s almost as if my heart tells my head all the words it’s been holding and my [...]

Go Where the Pain Is

Where there is pain, there is love. | Megan Hale

There will be a vulnerability hangover tomorrow for sharing this- but that's the price of truth. *********** There's a rumbling and I don't know if I even have words to describe it yet, but I know I need to share where I am and what I'm feeling because I know someone else might be feeling [...]