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You want a life that lights you up with desires that become real, dreams that take root, and people around you that make it all worthwhile.


You’re ready to figure out “the how”, step into “the who”, and become the woman your desires have been waiting for.

And it’s usually this beautiful intersection where soulful, driven, big-hearted women LIKE YOU find me.


I’m Megan, a soul-digger just like you that’s motivated by impact, alignment, empowerment, and joy that expands across life, work, and love because you can have them all!

Just last year, I retired my psychotherapist hat to move into coaching full time because what I found at the core of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment were two things:

1. Women weren’t living into their true soul’s desires due to stories of “not enough”
2. Women weren’t honoring the voice of their soul because they hadn’t learned how to tune in.

Which is why all of my work is centered around creating a spiritual, yet practical foundation to become the powerful, authentic woman your desires need you to be.

Because the truth is




I work with women to embrace all of who they are.

And what emerges is a woman who becomes whole, who loves herself deeply, who moves from confidence to conviction in who she is, what she wants, and most importantly, what she deserves

And nothing lights my soul on fire more than to play with women who are just as driven and passionate as I am to awaken to their purpose, align their lives with their soul, and create their own kind of happiness along the way! 

  • I believe in the beauty of possibilities.
  • I believe dreams and desires are sexy energy to play with.
  • I believe in the power of aligned and inspired action that lead you to more joy.
  • I believe in listening to the truth of your soul, expanding into your potential, and loving fully because a fulfilling life is much more delicious than merely a full one.

But more so, I believe in the inner work that gets the outer results that transforms any woman into a force to be reckoned with who’s free, who’s blissful, who’s embodied, who’s the hero of her own life and stands in these things with soul-level conviction.

Sound like your cup of tea and ready to get moving?

Good!  There’s nothing holier than action that’s fueled with desirecourage, and possibility.

Here are a few of my favorite free podcast episodes that speak to living your truth and honoring your soul and rewriting the stories of “not enough”!

May your journey always be expanding to your soul’s highest joy.


Megan Hale, MA, BCC holds a Masters in Clinical Counseling and a Bachelors in Psychology. She maintains a Board Certified Coach credential and has extensive experience with spiritually oriented psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness based psychology, cognitive behavioral psychology, and interpersonal psychology.  She specializes in self-confidence, self-love, cultivating courage and alignment, building authenticity, and creating harmonious, fulfilling, soul expanding relationships. She has a special interest in helping women create their own kind of beautiful life where they feel empowered, happy, and free.


Professional Bio

Megan Hale is a retired psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, and Podcast Host of The Enoughness Revolution sharing practical tools that speak to the soul to create more joy in life, work, and love.  She’s built her life coaching practice on her expertise of teaching clients how to choose love and bravery over shame and fear and opening them to a life of purpose and meaning.  She’s the author of the upcoming 2017 book, Wild and Holy, sharing her biggest lessons on transforming pain into love, becoming whole, and living brave.  She’s carried her Carolina roots to Texas where she’s married to her best friend and has taken on her newest role of mama to their son and two pooches. She blogs on everything between marriage, motherhood, spirituality, courage, creativity, and creating a fulfilling life instead of just a full one.


Personal Bio

DSC_2117KKI’m a walking dichotomy of pleasurable action and recovering workaholism.  I love organic juice as much as I love wine, love yoga as much as I love chocolate, and love travel as much as I love being a creature of habit and a homebody with my handsome hubby,  darling son, and spoiled rotten dogs.  I have a secret desire to be a fashion designer someday and own a boutique in Austin, TX that sells housewares and clothing for the modern day priestess who gets shit done while spending my summers in my hometown of Charleston, SC.  Some of my favorite things include exploring spirituality through multiple lenses, dancing to Beyonce and Christina Aguilera, SUSHI, and pretending I have some sort of background in interior design!

I’m a self-taught graphic designer and branding visionary.  I love bringing something in my heart to life and perhaps that’s why I love helping women realize the desires they hold in theirs.  I love yoga, but don’t practice nearly as consistently as I used to.  I’m a major foodie, love craft beer (my hubby’s influence), am a Leo through and through, and love adventure, travel, fashion, and FUN.

I’d love to learn more about you!  If you’re ready to take this one step further, make sure you’ve joined my free community on Facebook, which you can do below!


See you there, Sister.

Megan Sig