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7 Sacred Rituals

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There are two types of people in the world –


  1. the go-getters who go all day and brainstorm all night and
  2. the dreamers who make big plans, but take awhile to get going.


Regardless of what category you fall in, creating success that’s maintainable is all about creating success that’s sustainable and part of that process is creating a strong foundation for the go-getters to stay on their A game and a powerful launch strategy for the dreamers to get into action.

The reason most of us get burnt out or fail to get going is because we’re overwhelmed.  We haven’t created the personal leadership habits that support us in our purpose and eventually the overwhelm wins out leaving us completely exhausted or incredibly disappointed that we aren’t where we want to be when the truth is, success doesn’t have to be hard.


It’s all about your approach and ensuring you have the right structures in place that support your soul, support your energy, support your creativity, and maintain your drive.

Ready to learn the 7 sacred rituals for sustainable success?

Here we go!



Sacred Thoughts:


You might be thinking, “how can thoughts be rituals?” But if there’s anything us humans do that’s completely ritualistic, it’s to use the same type of thoughts over and over again.  Even more so, we tend to draw the same kind of conclusions again and again.

And these conclusions can either be your gateway to success or the arch nemesis of everything you desire.

Do you check your thoughts regularly?  Do you accept your initial thoughts as absolute truths?  Do you ever question your thoughts to ensure they’re feeding you the “whole picture”?

If you aren’t, then it’s highly likely that you’re allowing your thoughts to rule you vs. the other way around.  Part of creating sustainable success in maintaining a positive and self-supporting mindset.

Two of the quickest rules to keep in mind when creating sacred thoughts are:

  1. Realize your first thought is not always your best thought.Click To Tweet
  2. Just because you think it doesn’t make it true.

It takes a high level of discernment to cultivate a positive mindset.  If you’re noticing that your thoughts generally paint the worst picture, have you questioning yourself more times than not, and bring you down more than they lift you up, here are some fast action tips to start creating change:

1. Be vigilant about the thoughts that cross your mind.  You’re the keeper of your mental domain.  If you don’t like the way you’re thinking, choose something different.
2. If you feel stuck in your head and can’t get a grip, reach out to a friend for some added perspective.  We can often get lost in our own head space and can have difficulty seeing our way out.
3. If thoughts won’t seem to budge, get active.  Doing something different can often create that internal shift.  Start a new book, go for a walk, go grab some coffee, try something new, take a nap, check out my free reset guide.  You’re only hostage if you allow yourself to be.




 Sacred Practice:


Are you a morning person? What about a Miracle Morning person?

The most successful people in the world have a morning practice they dedicate themselves to every single day and one of the main reasons they’re so successful is because they’ve built sustainability into their lifestyle to ensure they’re taking care of themselves first.


Creating a sacred morning practice is all about making a commitment to daily reflection and centering. Why is this so important? Because it is through this practice that we create and maintain soul alignment by creating space each day to connect inward.

If you’re just getting started with your own practice, here are my 2 MUST HAVES for setting a strong foundation:
1. Block out time in your schedule every day at the same time. I recommend first thing in the morning if possible for a few reasons: you’re feeding yourself first, you’re much more likely to accomplish the first thing on your to-do list, and the same time every day creates a date with yourself to get grounded, to attend to yourself emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, and a sacred morning practice is like breakfast for the soul.
2. Start with 2-3 components of your practice. Some suggestions may include any combination of the following: journaling, praying, active sitting/meditation, drinking tea, stretching, breath work, chanting, listening to relaxing music, writing your to-do list for the day, reflecting on what went well yesterday, acknowledging your wins/gratitudes, etc. Pick 2-3 to start and build on as you go.



 Sacred Pampering:


Pampering feels luxurious by nature and can include anything that makes you feel spoiled and loved up on. The reason pampering is so important is because one, it sends the message that there’s plenty of time (because there is) two, you are so worthy of the VIP treatment, and three, it helps build in some rejuvenation to keep you going for the long haul.

Pampering, to me, is all about loving yourself from the outside in. It creates psychological resilience, can even be powerful in moving through scarcity thinking in relation to time, money, and worthiness, and can even have a physical benefit depending on what type of pampering you engage in.

Some of my favorites include: getting a massage, getting a mani/pedi, seeing an acupuncturist, using essential oils, going for coffee/tea, taking a nap, going for ice cream/frozen yogurt, reading a book (FOR PLEASURE!), sitting in the sun, etc.

A great trick to pampering yourself more often?

Make a list of the things that make you feel like a Queen. Block off 90 minutes each week (or every other week) and go do something on your list. 90 minutes should give you ample time for travel and pampering making the whole experience even more luxurious!



 Sacred Movement:


It’s time to get that body moving, girlfriend, and this isn’t just for the physical benefits. It’s for the soul TOO!

When I talk about movement, I mean moving in a way that feels good to you –

  • high intensity (running, sprints, kick-boxing, spinning, dancing etc.) and/or
  • low intensity (walking, yoga, stretching, Pure Barre, elliptical, pelvic circles, etc.).

Movement has so many benefits for creating sustainability.

Not only does it move your blood and activate your heart, but it also clears emotional energy, helps you manage stress, gives you endorphins, and clears space for clarity and creativity!

What’s even better is that you don’t have to engage in this practice for hours upon hours to get the full benefits. Even just 15 minutes a day can give you the boost you need for creating sustainable success. Everyone has 15 minutes to spare, right?


My best trick for creating consistency? 2 things:
1. Find an accountability partner. Maybe she/he is your walking buddy, gym buddy, dog park buddy, but accountability can be huge in creating stronger commitment.
2. Mark it off in your calendar. If you prioritize this one piece, it will give back ten fold. Schedule a short 15-minute break in your day or schedule your work out at the same time every single day. Commitment leads to consistency. Consistency leads to maintainability. Maintainability leads to sustainability.



Sacred Mantras:


Nothing beats a positive mindset. Let me repeat.   Nothing beats a positive mindset. And one of the best ways of maintaining a mindset that keeps you going even when times get rough is to use positive mantras.

Mantras are short statements you create that affirm what you’d like to believe. They can be incredibly powerful in shifting your beliefs when the inner work has been done to create space for a new truth to rise. But even in the absence of inner work, mantras can help bring you back to the way you want to feel in as little as a few minutes and the best part? They’re completely unique to you.

They can be created for any type of block you may be experiencing including around money, success, time, possibility, support… what have you.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Money: Money comes to me with ease.
  • Success: My dreams are already on their way.
  • Time: My path is Divinely guided. There is always plenty of time.
  • Possibility: I believe in magic and miracles.
  • Support: I am Divinely supported emotionally and financially.


For the biggest impact with mantras, write them daily. Repeat them to yourself throughout the day often. When you feel your emotional energy starting to slip away, stop yourself and repeat your mantra until your energy starts to shift. Coming back to the way you want to feel over and over again helps maintain your power, your vibe, your motivation, you drive.

Coming back to the way you want to feel over and over again helps maintain your power, your vibe, your motivation, you drive.Click To Tweet Use them often, as often as needed.



Sacred Rest:


This is the one that can be THE HARDEST for purpose driven women. So many of us love being in creation mode, action mode, doing mode, progress mode, but what many of don’t realize is that there’s an ebb and flow to everything… even us.  

what many of don’t realize is that there’s an ebb and flow to everything… even us.Click To Tweet

When we intentionally make time to take rest, we’re leaning into that ebb and flow, creating space to slow down and replenish so we can launch forward even more powerfully, clearly, and deliberately.

But it is often this ritual that can create the most conflict due to stories of finding our worth in how much we’re able to get done. Taking time to “do nothing” can sometimes go against our very being, but it is exactly this process that is EVERYTHING for getting even more done in the long run.

If you do nothing else from these 7 Sacred Rituals, start here!

This practice alone can give you everything you need for:

  • those inspired ideas you lust after
  • the clarity to see the big picture
  • the pleasure you work so hard to create and
  • the connection that’s so needed not just for your joy, but for your purpose as well!

Schedule AT LEAST one day off a month for complete rest and play. Do it for no reason at all besides the pure desire to gift yourself this day of freedom.

Can’t justify a WHOLE day off quite yet? Start with a half-day. Start with a morning/afternoon.

Most importantly, START!

Release any other intention besides merely enjoying yourself. Take yourself on a day trip for a little adventure, go do something fun to enliven your spirit, wander aimlessly while window shopping in the middle of the day, or spend time fixing yourself healthy, delicious meals with a glass of champagne to cap it all off.

My top tip to make this a priority:
Remember – rest is your birthright. You don’t have to “deserve it” or “work for it”. It’s justified whenever you want it.   Rest doesn’t have to be a reward unless you make it one.



Sacred Action:


This one’s more so for my dreamers that struggle getting into action, but it can apply just as well for the go-getters too.

Taking sacred action means taking aligned action. For success to be sustainable, it MUST be aligned. Alignment is the one piece that can set your success apart from everyone else on the planet, but finding it isn’t always so easy.

Alignment comes from authenticity, becoming whole, and awakening to your true purpose and mission in the world. Without authenticity, success will never feel as fulfilling as you want it to feel. There will never be enough money, clients, fame, recognition, awards, or impact for success to feel good if there’s misalignment and for success to be sustainable… it has to feel good.

Otherwise, we won’t keep doing it OR WORSE, we’ll spend our whole lives being unfulfilled doing something that we’re not crazy about never taking the chance on our soul and doing that one thing we love.


So my best tips for taking sacred action?
1. Pay attention to resistance and fear. Does something feel too big or does something feel off or forced? Learning to discern between these two is incredibly important when it comes to creating aligned action.

2. Break it down. What’s one step you can take that moves you closer to that big dream? Taking on too much at once leads to overwhelm that isn’t sustainable.   Regardless of what anyone else says, slow and steady will win the race every single time! And I’m a firm believer that EVERY STEP COUNTS! Even the baby ones!


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