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6 Ways to Protect Your Dreams

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We all have dreams, every single one of us. We all have a vision for how our ideal life should be and who we should be living it, but the majority of us never make it happen and I’ll tell you why. We never give our dreams the protection they need to flourish and grow. We don’t know how to ride them out on their journey to the light. We give up too soon and too easily because a dream can manifest in anything but an ideal way.

Bringing a dream to life takes work, persistence, determination, and resiliency. It takes a strong conviction and a strong connection to your overall vision and a belief that you can achieve it. If you don’t know how to cultivate these things and do what’s necessary to protect your vision, your dreams won’t make it a year. Dreams are fragile, vulnerable, and easily impressionable, especially in their infancy stages. They need to be nourished and protected much like a small child until they’ve grown a bit, learned a bit, and put down some roots.

There will be many an obstacle in achieving your dreams, both outside of oneself, but mostly within oneself. Thus, it takes a specific set of skills anyone can learn in order to ensure their dreams make it. The first step of which is becoming vigilant in protecting ones dreams by making necessary changes to ensure their safety and nourishment. Here are six ways I’ve found to be effective that anyone can learn to do.

1. When starting out, don’t share your dreams with everyone.

The grand majority of people will not believe in your vision and during a dream’s infancy stages, it is highly vulnerable to the opinions of others. It’s light can be more easily put out when surrounded by negativity, doubt, and belittling feedback. Even some of your closest family and friends will have a hard time investing in your vision. This is ok. The grand majority of the population has to see something to believe in it and your friends and family are no different so don’t take this personally. Take it for what it is.

You, on the other hand, can just as easily be your own worst enemy by beating down your dream, not believing wholeheartedly in it, and denying it’s capacity to truly come to life. You’ll have to learn how to have a much different relationship with your dreams if you want to be successful. You have to become its number one advocate and ally, learning quickly to defend swiftly and protect it from both outside and inside negativity.

2. Don’t take advice from just anyone.

Everyone has an opinion and there will be plenty when it comes to making your dreams come true, but not everyone’s opinion is created equal. Unless a person has had success in a going after a dream, be mindful of putting weight in their advice. If their reality is one filled with safe, articulated decisions where taking risks is frowned upon, they are probably not the best resource for advising you in your dreams. Dreams take chance, risk, going into the unknown, faith, belief, conviction in the unseen and if someone hasn’t travelled those waters, they aren’t going to be able to advise you soundly.

Find the ones who have gone before you, who have made something out of nothing, who have been persistent and dedicated to a vision, who have faced self-doubt and fear and looked the possibility of failure in the eye. These people will be the strongest sources of support, perspective, advice, and opinion and can be leaned on faithfully as you blaze your own path. Do NOT take the advice of someone who has a reality you don’t want. You’ll waste your time, open yourself to doubt, and have to do a lot of rebuilding and reassurance, which takes away precious time you could have been putting toward your dream.

3. Pay your dream first.

Protecting the fruition of your dream means putting it as a priority and this is perhaps one of the most important types of protection you can provide. When you wake up to the world each day, there will be a pull from a million different things. If you never learn how to pay your dream first, it will never get the attention it deserves. Your dream is important. In fact, it’s the MOST important thing in your whole world. The right dream holds all the keys to unlocking your fulfillment, happiness, pride, joy, success, and legacy. For something that holds so much, it should be placed front and center.

A dream takes a lot of energy to manifest. Don’t underestimate that. Besides what people say that the right dream will come to life on its own, it won’t. Sure, the opportunities may present themselves as the Universe conspires to support you, but if you aren’t paying attention to ways your dream can come to life, you’ll most likely miss these subtle signs and opportunities for growth. Besides that, mindfully paying your dream first is an internal shift of investing worth, belief, and faith into it. This shift can be the difference between success and abandonment. Be mindful of how you’re paying your dream.

4. Pay yourself first.

You are the vessel that carries your dreams. Your wellbeing determines their destiny. Are you caring for that vessel? When I work with my clients, I hold them accountable for paying themselves and their dreams first every single day. This means my clients are required to not only draw strict boundaries to protect their dreams, but also to make strong behavioral changes so that their wellbeing comes first. This includes providing themselves with the proper nutrition, caring for their bodies, and/or doing something for their soul upon waking.

When we pay ourselves first, we send a strong message to how important we are and how worth it we are. If you want your dreams to come true, you have to have a strong relationship with yourself. Prioritizing your health is one of the most effective strategies there is in protecting your dreams. For after all, if you aren’t well, your dreams won’t be well.

5. Develop realistic expectations for how long it takes for your dreams to manifest.

This all comes down to should and shouldn’ts. The minute you start saying that life should be a certain way, you are telling the Universe that it shouldn’t be the way it is. If things aren’t going the way they should be, then you are basically saying that the path to your dream is wrong and is going against Universal order. Now, do you think that’s setting you up for sticking with your dreams? Of course not because if we focus on how things shouldn’t be we are doing a couple of things. One, we are bringing more of that into our reality based on the Law of Attraction. Two, we are opening the door to be disappointed, disheartened, and disillusioned which crushes our spirit, motivation, and faith in our dreams.

I tell my clients to think of dreams as you think of fitness goals. You aren’t going to wake up one day after working out and be where you want to be. Dreams take time, effort, and dedication to manifest. If you dedicate yourself to the process vs. just the end result, you are much more likely to stay the course, triumph over obstacles, get back in the saddle, and ride the wave to success.

6. Celebrate your wins, but celebrate them for yourself.

You must become your highest cheerleader, the best encourager, your number one supporter to create the positive internal environment to always keep going. One way to do this is to learn to celebrate your success and allow your joy and happiness to be enough. Too often, we want to go and share our wins with other people who have little idea how much hard work it has taken to reach a victory. We are often met with a big “woohoo, that’s great, congratulations” when what we really want is spirit fingers, jumping up and down, balloons, and confetti. When we of course don’t receive this the majority of the time, it can take the wind out of our sails and make us question if our success (no matter how small it is) is really worth being celebrated. It is. Learn to let your excitement be enough!

So, how well do you do at protecting your dreams? For more help on setting healthy boundaries to ensure your success or changing expectations, paying your dreams first, or putting yourself as a priority, I’d be more than happy to schedule a consult to see how I may be able to help. Your dreams and your ability to achieve them are my main priority. Protect those little babies until they grow their wings to fly! You deserve it. They deserve it. Do what’s necessary to bring them to the light.

Light & Love,

  • Lori January 15, 2015, 12:07 pm

    Great article, Megan. I like “Pay yourself first.” That’s my area of focus this year. In fact, it’s one of my dreams!

  • maggie Lamarre January 21, 2015, 2:01 am

    So on pointe.

  • Kameelah August 6, 2015, 2:33 am

    Thanks so much for this post, this really helped put things in perspective for me. I’m sharing this with my family, friends and my followers.

  • Dilshan June 2, 2017, 3:12 am

    I really needed this now. I am an aspiring entrepreneur and fashion blogger who dreams of starting his own label and fashion brand. I blog at and a website and e-commerce site is in the works. Today, my father crushed my dreams by telling me to stop focusing on these trivial efforts and to think about getting back to work. I would like to point out that I have paid for everything; well the laptop I type on, the clothes I wear, and my domain name with my own money- money I worked hard for in my regular job. Wish me all the best guys! Metta and blessings,

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