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5 Things That Are Keeping You Stuck

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This article originally appeared on Rebelle Society.

There are plenty of reasons why people get stuck in creating a life they love.
As a therapist and coach, I see a few reasons more often than others. I have no doubt that a few tweaks here and there could massively catapult you forward in creating a life that’s authentic to you and really lets you shine. Allow the following five areas to be a source of self-exploration:
1. Not evaluating your own belief system.
Our beliefs provide the blueprint for how we live our lives. If you never take the time to evaluate your own belief system, the likelihood of you operating on autopilot are high.
Most of us will continue to be guided by the beliefs that were handed down to us from our parents/caregivers, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as we agree with their beliefs.
However, for most people, there will be a number of beliefs that don’t feel right for them, which need to be reexamined, modified, or completely thrown out. To do this, identify the beliefs that were handed down to you and the beliefs that currently guide your life. Are there any that no longer serve you?
It’s never too late to go through this evaluation process.
2. Not investing in yourself.
There will always be a reason to not invest in your personal development, whether it’s time, money, obligation or fear. Investing in yourself sends a strong message to your inner being as to how much value you place on your livelihood, health, and well-being.
When we set aside the time and money to do something that will better us in the long run, we are truly making a priceless investment. Our life is really all we have. It’s an amazing gift to ourselves to make sure our life is everything we want it to be.
Additionally, there’s tons of help out there to help you make it happen.
3. Perfectionism and fear of rejection.
From the time we were born, we have been graded on performance, as this is a cultural norm. We’ve been compared to others to measure our progress and sometimes this can become intertwined with self-worth.
We hold back from trying new things or pursuing new goals out of fear of not doing it well. We learned early on that good performance wins us approval while poor performance opens the door for disapproval and/or rejection. Most of us fear rejection so much that we will avoid it all costs.
This limits our dreams, our passions, and our possibilities. You’re going to be imperfect. I promise! So, push through the fear anyway!!
“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” ~ Jack Canfield
4. Not developing your own sense of spirituality.
Now, this is biased, but hear me out. Spirituality does not mean religion. It means developing a deep sense of who you are and what you have to give to others.
It’s interacting with the world in a way that’s congruent with your own morals and values. This allows us to become authentic people and authenticity feels good. Why? Because keeping it real allows us to be truly accepted by other people, which is a basic need for all humans.
Not to mention, it’s a huge component of genuine self-confidence and self-esteem.
When you have mastery of who you are, you are more confident in your abilities, and therefore more likely to strive toward your goals and dreams.
5. Keeping poor habits.
Nothing will keep you stuck more so than bad habits that you keep regularly. We are the sum of what we do. If we’re consistently maintaining habits that no longer serve us, we are preventing ourselves from having the kind of life that we want to have.
Here’s the kicker: changing habits is hard work! For anyone who’s been a nail-biter or a smoker, I’m sure you can relate.
Because habits become so fiercely ingrained, it takes constant attention to modify our behaviors, but master this task and you’ll be unstoppable, regardless of how big your dreams are.

What do you find stands in your way? What keeps you stuck in creating the kind of life you dream about? We’re all capable of creating any life experience we want. It takes courage and action to get there, but in turn, we establish an increased sense of empowerment along the way. I want that for everyone.
Life is too short not to go for it! Step into your power. Add a dose of action.
Start creating a new experience today.

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