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5 Steps to Becoming Enough and Staying Enough

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Two weeks ago, I started an interview series on the concept of enoughness: how we become enough and stay enough as our journeys continue to evolve. I’ve interviewed some amazing people who have all had such wisdom to share. After hosting 10 interviews already, I’m noticing a few themes starting to emerge. If you’re on your own journey to enoughness, make sure you’re following these 5 steps in your own way.

1. Learn Self-Compassion

This piece is incredibly important in both establishing enoughness and maintaining it. Self-compassion is the skill of treating yourself with the same kindness as you would a child. It’s the exact tool that counteracts the impact of your inner critic, that little voice that loves to have its way with you and tell you why you’re not good enough. Self-compassion allows yourself to not only forgive your mistakes, but to offer yourself grace in allowing what you’ve accomplished today to be enough. Want to see how self-compassionate you are? Take this quiz on Dr. Kristin Neff’s site to find out!

2. Get Into Your Story

We all have stories that guide our lives, stories that we’ve held for generations, stories we’ve created and told ourselves over and over again about how the world works and how we work in it. Often times, our stories are filled with ideas of what it means to be enough, what it means to be a “good girl”, a good spouse, successful, happy, and/or fulfilled. Most of the time, these stories include other peoples’ definitions that we’ve picked up along the way, subtle rules that although may seem miniscule, indeed guide our lives. Rules about what it means to be polite, what it takes to be accepted, what it takes to get your needs met.

If we never get into our story, our story rules us instead of the other way around.Click To Tweet Get into your story and you become the author of your own life.

3. Realize The Power of Choice

Consider for a moment that the way you view your life is an active choice. You can either see yourself as the victim or the victor, the leader or the follower, either or both. You choose how you see the events that have happened in your life. You have most definitely chosen their meaning. The power of choice is everyone’s super power when it comes to being and staying enough. It is our choice to view our day’s accomplishments as worthy of being enough. It is our choice to live by other people’s expectations vs. establishing our own. It is our choice to stay inside ourselves always questioning if we are worthy. But it is just as much a choice to decide you deserve everything your heart desires. That you deserve wildly intoxicating love in your life. That you deserve time for fun and reckless goofiness. That you deserve to write that memoir or start that blog because your story and thoughts are worth sharing. That you deserve to take that vacation to Italy or France or Fiji because you simply want to experience the richness and newness of a culture that beckons you to drink it in. It’s all a choice. The only difference between that space we are right now and the space we most want to be is choice. It is everyone’s super power.

4. Give Yourself a Maybe

We often times never give credit to the very small steps we take that are oh so necessary in order to create change. We forget that in order for us to change our minds, our outlooks, our dreams… it often starts with a simply idea of “maybe”. Maybe it could be different. Maybe I could do it. Maybe I can love again. Maybe I am enough just as I am. Maybe the past wasn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe the future isn’t as scary as I make it out to be. Maybe my heart will heal faster than I think. Maybe I will reach all my dreams. Maybe it is possible. I often say

“all good things start with maybe”Click To Tweet because it is this little word that cracks a door open for something new to get in and something old to get out. Change, especially in the changes that are required to becoming enough and staying enough, happens in the small moments when we rest in possibility, when we take a chance, when we choose to believe that just maybe we’re already whole and complete just as we are. Maybe we always have been.

5. Understand that the “shoulds” and “supposed to’s” take you away from your enoughness.

Often times, this is psychological wellbeing 101, but it doesn’t mean that just because we know something that we necessarily put it into practice. The “shoulds” and “supposed to’s” are tied to old messages and old expectations. They’re sneaky little gremlins as Brene Brown calls them. They try and convince you that you should be doing more or your life is supposed to be better. They tell you that you shouldn’t have gone after that dream because you knew you were going to fail anyway. Or that you shouldn’t feel this way because there are so many people who have it worse than you. Or you should be happier. I mean look at all the things you have to be grateful for. Can you see just how invalidating the “shoulds” and “supposed to’s” can be? Do you see how they tear you down and spit you out and how they prey on your enoughness? Becoming aware of these little gremlins and knowing how to fight back (see #1 for starters), is a huge piece of claiming your enoughness and maintaining it. We aren’t going to get it perfect every time, nor should we. It’s all about building mastery one “should” at a time.

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  • Julia Slike October 2, 2015, 3:14 pm

    #1 is so vital!!!! As a mom, wife, team leader, business owner AND new coach I have a lot of roles to fill. If I don’t give myself Grace I’d drive myself insane. And I use #4 with my daughter all the time “maybe” truly does leave the door open for possibility! Your program sounds amazing and the ladies who partner with you on their journey to enoughness will be so “lucky”!

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