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5 Benefits of Group Coaching

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Group coaching programs are taking off like wildfire. Whether they’re geared toward self-growth and more clarity or learning how to be more productive, group coaching is where it’s at for you to maximize your dollar, your time, and your energy. Here’s why:

Group Coaching is the most affordable way to go. Soulful coaches like to have an impact with as many people as possible because it means they’re helping more and more people. The best way for them to maximize their time is to provide a coaching program in a group format. It not only lets them reach the maximum number of people in the least amount of time, but it also allows them to pass on money savings directly to you. The more people that sign up for a program, the more people there are to share the costs of the coach’s time, energy, and products. Win-Win!

Group Coaching is the playing ground for some major collaboration. The more like-minded people you get together who are all striving toward a common goal, the more exponential the group benefits. “Two heads are better than one” definitely applies here. You’ll not only benefit from the coach’s feedback, but also the feedback from others.

Group Coaching can spark a firestorm of creativity. Depending on the format, when you work with others, you are constantly sharing ideas and gaining additional outside perspective. Sometimes the simplest question can seed the most informative and collaborative discussion giving you tons of free insight, ideas, and possible solutions you never would have thought of on your own.

Group Coaching can help you meet new people who could catapult you to success. You’re already joining forces with people on a similar path and it’s natural to connect with people who are similar to you. They understand your perspective, may have similar goals, and may even be interested in being an accountability partner as you take the skills you learn in the group and maximize them on your own. The more people we have in our corner, the better, especially when it comes to reaching goals, striving toward our potential, or making a life change to increase our life fulfillment.

To make the most out of group coaching, jump in there and speak up. The coach is there to help you and will give their time to the ones who show up and ask for it. Don’t be shy about asking questions and some coaches may even give discounts on individual coaching services if you’ve completed one of their programs. Group coaching is a great way to connect with a coach and other people who can support you along the way. You just have to show up and let yourself be seen!

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